Brawl Stars Carl


Damage Dealer

Super Rare

About Carl Carl is a Super Rare Brawler. He has moderately high health and moderate damage output. When he attacks, Carl boomerangs his pickaxe, damaging and piercing through any enemies hit while the pickaxe is flying forward or traveling back to Carl and consuming his only ammo, which reloads when the pickaxe returns.

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Default Carl
Dark Tide Carl
Captain Carl
Leonard Carl
Surfer Carl
Road Rage Carl
Hog Rider Carl

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Level Health
1      4400
2      4620
3      4840
4      5060
5      5280
6      5500
7      5720
8      5940
9      6160
10    6380
11    6600



Range : 8.33 (Long)
Super Charge Per Hit : 16.83%
Projectile Speed : 2600
2912 (With Power Throw)
Attack Width : 1.67

Level            Damage On Hit
1   660
2   693
3   726
4   759
5   792
6   825
7   858
8   891
9   924
10 957
11 990



Movement Speed : 720 (Normal)
1440 (With Super)
Range : 2.33
Projectiles Per Super : 12
Duration : 3 Seconds
Super Charge Per Hit : 6.3%

Level                 Damage Per Swing
1   500
2   525
3   550
4   575
5   600
6   625
7   650
8   675
9   700
10 725
11 750


Carl throws his Pickaxe like a boomerang. His Super is a crazy cart spin that clobbers anyone around him.

 Attack: Pickaxe

Carl throws his Pickaxe like a boomerang. After he catches the returning Pickaxe, he can throw it again.

Carl throws a pickaxe that damages enemies both while flying forward and when returning to him. The pickaxe can return to Carl through walls but can’t be thrown through walls. If Carl throws his pickaxe against a wall, the travel time of his pickaxe is decreased. Carl’s attack doesn’t reload like average Brawlers because once his pickaxe returns to him, Carl reloads his only ammo bar. When Carl respawns, his only ammo bar will fill rather slowly. In Brawl Ball, Carl can shoot the Ball without consuming ammo. Carl has an attack cooldown of 0.5¬†seconds.

 Super: Tailspin

Carl goes into a crazy spin for a few seconds, flailing around and damaging nearby opponents.

Carl spins around with his pickaxe, dealing damage to all targets he’s close to every 0.25¬†seconds. Carl’s movement speed is doubled while using his Super. This effect lasts for 3 seconds and stops immediately when he’s stunned or knocked back.

Star Powers

Power Throw

Carl throws his Pickaxe with 12% more speed, allowing it to travel faster and return faster.

Carl’s pickaxe projectile speed increases by 312¬†points (12%¬†faster than a normal attack). This power also decreases the attack cooldown, allowing him to attack more quickly against walls.

Protective Pirouette

During Carl’s Super, all damage he receives is reduced by 35%.

Carl shields all damage taken by 35% for the duration of his Super or until his Super stops.


Heat Ejector

The next pickaxe Carl throws will drop a trail of hot rocks behind it! Opponents that touch them are set on fire, and receive a total of 1200 damage over time.

Carl’s next attack will drop burning rocks on the ground while it travels. The stones last for 3¬†seconds each, and if an enemy touches them, they will be burned for 300¬†damage per second for 4¬†seconds. The number of rocks dropped is dependent on his throw; the more rocks are dropped, the further his pickaxe travels. The burning damage does not stack from multiple stones, but an enemy can be burned again after the initial burn stops.

Flying Hook

Carl’s next attack makes his pickaxe pull him to the farthest point of the attack.

Carl’s next attack pulls him with his pickaxe to the furthest point of its range, allowing him to travel over lakes and through rope fences if those obstacles are in range. The attack stays slightly in front of him but will only deal damage once, and the pickaxe doesn’t return to Carl’s old position. A Gadget symbol will glow above Carl’s head, signaling this Gadget’s usage and a glowing attack joystick.

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