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About Gale : Gale is the type who knows how to do everything and never gets tired. He attacks with wide blasts of wind and snow, and his Super pushes enemies back with a strong gust of wind! Gale is a support type character with chromatic rarity. It arrived with the May 2020 Update in Brawl Pass Season 1.

Brawler Gale

Gale is a Chromatic Brawler who knows how to do it all and never gets tired. He attacks with wide shots of wind and snow, and his Super pushes enemies away with a strong gust of wind!

  • He has the appearance of a lord and has a flashy moustache and robes to deal with the cold weather. With that, of course, his attack had to match. He attacks by throwing snowballs at opponents, and with his super, he uses the blower to push other brawlers in range away.
  • It has a moderate amount of health but does little damage. However, it can still offer various strategy possibilities with other brawlers and is very useful.

Tips for playing Gale

  • As mentioned above, the snowballs of Gale’s attack are shaped like a horizontal wave, so it’s impossible to hit the same target with all the snowballs. The most you can get is to hit 3 snowballs.
  • The Accessory and its Super can be used in Combat Mode to push opponents into the poison and gain an advantage or buy time.
  • Gale’s Super can be useful to get rid of damage, both for you and your team, pushing all opponents away and giving you time to leave the area.
  • Gale’s accessory in 3v3 modes should be used in your team’s spawn area to recover from defeats quickly or to gain quick control of the area early in the match.
  • Gale’s support abilities really shine in events like Gem Pique and Starhunter, where he must use his Super to protect the Gem or Star carrier from approaching enemy tanks and other high-damage enemies, pushing them back a considerable distance.
Default Gale
Squeakbuster Gale
Nutcracker Gale
Merchant Gale


1     3600
2     3780
3     3960
4     4140
5     4320
6     4500
7     4680
8     4860
9     5040
10   5220
11   5400


Range : 8.33 (Long)
Reload : 1.2 Seconds (Very Fast)
Projectiles Per Attack : 6
Super Charge Per Hit : 8.4%
Projectile Speed : 3000
Attack Width : 2

Level                      Damage per snowball
1   280
2   294
3   308
4   322
5   336
6   350
7   364
8   378
9   392
10 406
11 420


Range : 10 (Very Long)
Super Charge Per Hit : 12.5%
Projectile Speed : 5000
Super Width : 5
Movement Speed : 720 (Normal)

Level  Damage
1   420
2   441
3   462
4   483
5   504
6   525
7   546
8   567
9   588
10 609
11 630


Gale is a tireless handyman who gets no rest. He blasts foes with a wide shot of wind and snow with his blower, while his Super pushes them back with a fierce blizzard!

 Attack: Polar Vortex

Gale blasts a giant snowball wall at his enemies!

Gale fires 6 long-ranged snowballs, which travel in a straight and wide line, each dealing low damage. The snowballs are fired directly next to each other and have a spread. Unlike many Brawlers who shoot multiple projectiles at once, Gale can’t deal maximum damage at point-blank range due to the spread, but as a result, it’s easier for him to sweep bushes and hit multiple enemies.

 Super: Gale Force!

Gale delivers an almighty gust of wind and snow, pushing back all enemies caught in its path.

Gale’s Super creates a long-ranged gust of wind and snow that passes through obstacles. It pushes away enemies it hits to a maximum of 8.33 tiles and slightly damages them.

Star Powers

Blustery Blow

Gale’s Super now stuns enemies for 1.5 seconds if they are pushed against obstacles from his Super.

If Gale’s Super pushes enemies into obstacles (except bushes), they’ll be stunned for 1.5 seconds.

Freezing Snow

Gale’s snow balls now also slow down opponents for 0.5 seconds.

When Gale’s main attack hits an enemy, they’ll be slowed down for 0.5 seconds.



Gale uses his leaf blower to create a local tornado, which will push away any opponents that try to pass through.

Gale creates a small tornado with a 2-tile radius that pushes enemies out of it and knocks back any enemy that tries to pass through. The tornado lasts for 10 seconds, and if Gale uses his Gadget while the last tornado is still active, that tornado disappears.

 Spring Ejector

Gale drops a bounce pad underfoot, launching friend and foe alike into the air.

Upon activation, a launchpad is spawned below him, launching any target in the direction he faces. Note that the pad can be hidden within bushes and has an indefinite duration. However, the pad disappears after a goal is scored in Brawl Ball, a point is scored in Volley Brawl or Basket Brawl, a round is over in Knockout, or if Gale uses his Gadget again to spawn another launchpad. If the launchpad launches a player holding an item such as the ball or trophy, they’ll drop it. Gale’s launch pads have a launching power of 6 tiles, unlike regular launch pads, which have a launching power of 12 tiles, and they’re yellow in appearance. Gale can’t place a jump pad on or within 1 tile of a teleporter.

How to get Gale?

This brawler is a Chromatic rarity, so it could be purchased in the season’s Brawl Pass and reach the unlock level at launch. But it is also possible to unlock it by finding it in Brawl Boxes, Mega Boxes and Large Boxes. Also, you can get a brawler through offers in the Store.

It’s relatively difficult to get the brawler for free in the boxes, but not impossible, good luck!

Balance Changes

  • As of 7/2/2020, Gale’s main attack now fires 6 smaller projectiles. He won’t push himself when using Super, and the enemy’s back push distance has been increased.
  • On 8/18/2020, a Balance Update reduced primary attack damage from 320 to 280 per hit. And reduced Super Charge Rate from 10 hits to 12 hits (120).
  • In the 9/10/2020 Balancing, the “Spring Ejector” accessory suffered a reduction in the range of the propulsion platform. And the Star Power “Propelling Wind” will be replaced by the new Star Power “Freezing Snow”: Gale’s snowballs now also slow enemies for 0.4 seconds.
  • On 10/22/2020, Balance increased reload speed on Main Attack by 14%.
  • After the 12/15/2020 Balance Update, they implemented a health increase from 3400 to 3600.
  • With Balance changes on 3/15/2021, Super’s damage increased from 100 to 240.
  • As of a Balance Update on 6/16/2021, Star Power’s “Freezing Snow” slow effect time has been increased.
  • In the Balance changes of 12/16/2021, Super’s damage was increased (from 240 to 420).
  • With the arrival of Balance on 3/1/2022, the increase in Stun caused by “Storm Winds” Star Power changed (from 1 to 1.5 seconds)
  • On 4/27/2022, a Balance Update reduced the duration of the Stun on “Stormy Winds”.

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