Brawl Stars Amber


Damage Dealer


About Amber : Amber is a Legendary Brawler that has moderate health and a high damage output. She attacks by shooting a continuous, long-ranged stream of fire. 

Skins for Amber

Default Amber


1     3200
2     3360
3     3520
4     3680
5     3840
6     4000
7     4160
8     4320
9     4480
10   4640
11   4800


Range : 8.33 (Long)
Reload : 0.22 Seconds (8.8 Seconds Max; Very Fast)
0.146 Seconds (5.86 Seconds Max; with Scorchin’ Siphon)
Projectiles Per Attack : 40 (full Ammo Bar)
Super Charge Per Hit : 4.55%
Attack Spread : 15°
Projectile Speed : 3500
Attack Width : 1.33

Level                Damage Per Flame Damage Per Second
1   200 2000
2   210 2100
3   220 2200
4   230 2300
5   240 2400
6   250 2500
7   260 2600
8   270 2700
9   28   2800
10 290 2900
11 300 3000


Movement Speed : 720 (Normal)
820 (With Fire Starters)
Range : 7.33 (Long)
Super Charge Per Hit : 6.36%
Projectile Speed : 1750

Level     Damage per second Damage
1       480                   1920
2       504                   2016
3       528                   2112
4       552                   2208
5       576                   2304
6       600                   2400
7       624                   2496
8       648                   2592
9       672                   2688
10     696                   2784
11     720                   2880


Amber has always been a firebug. She loves to light up the world and any opponents at her!

 Attack: Dragon’s Breath

Amber blows a flaming inferno at her opponents. It looks fantastic, but watch out, or you’ll get seared!

Amber continuously shoots long-ranged, piercing flames at a slight spread from a large ammo bar. If the player taps on the attack joystick, Amber only shoots one flame, and if the player aims the attack joystick, Amber continuously shoots flames in the direction aimed. Amber stops attacking when the player lets go of the joystick or deplete her ammo bar. Her ammo drains when she attacks, and she automatically reloads the bar when not attacking. Each flame is shot at a tenth of a second, and if the attack isn’t stopped, the attack takes 4 seconds to complete.

 Super: Torch ‘Em!

Amber throws a flask of her fire fluid that she can then light up with her firebreathing. Bushes and opposing Brawlers will be toast! (One flask at a time!)

Amber lobs a flask of fire fluid over obstacles, and when it lands, it creates a flammable puddle in a 2.67  tile radius. The fluid can be interrupted by lakes, but not walls. The puddle stays indefinitely until it’s ignited by her attack or when another Super is used and typically doesn’t affect the enemies. However, if Amber’s attack flames touch the puddle, it ignites and disappears, setting targets inside it on fire to burn them over 4 seconds and destroying bushes inside it. If an enemy is burned by another one of Amber’s puddles before the burn disappears, the burns don’t stack, but the duration resets.

Star Powers

Wild Flames

Amber can have two fuel puddles on the ground simultaneously, and she will recharge her Super automatically when standing near one.

Amber can have two fire fluid puddles from her Super, and the first puddle only disappears if a third Super is used. Additionally, when she’s standing near a puddle of fluid from either her Super or her Fire Starters Gadget, her Super passively charges 5% per second.

Scorchin’ Siphon

While being near a puddle of fire fluid, Amber uses it to reload her firebreathing 50% faster.

When Amber is near a puddle of fire fluid from either her Super or Fire Starters Gadget, she reloads 50% faster and gains a reddish appearance to indicate the Star Power is active. A minimum of 0.67 tiles into the puddle is required to activate the Star Power. 


Fire Starters

Amber runs fast for 3.0 seconds while spilling her fire fluid, which she can then ignite.

Amber moves 14% faster and leaves a trail of her fire fluid behind her for seconds. The fire fluid she spills behaves identically to that of her Super. Unlike her Super, using her Fire Starters Gadget again doesn’t remove her previous Gadget’s fluid.

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