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“Ash gets annoyed whenever he needs to clean up his mess. If he’s fighting, his rage builds up and makes him faster and more dangerous, but he eventually calms down afterward.”

Ash is a Chromatic Brawler with high health, variable damage output and movement speed, and a short attack range. Ash’s Rage bar gets filled by a certain amount whenever he deals or receives damage, and it gives Ash speed boosts and damage boosts that increase the more his Rage bar is filled. He attacks by smashing his broom on the ground, sending a piercing shockwave that deals more damage the more Ash’s Rage bar is filled.

Ash is a heavyweight and chromatic rarity type character. He is a trash can-looking brawler, who carries a broom as a sword and uses a shovel as a shield. His in-game name is a direct pun on his original English appearance, TRASH.

Tip for using Ash

  • When playing as Ash, focus mainly on charging his fury bar as he matches other brawlers that deal much damage. That way, he’ll deal a greater amount of damage and get a faster movement speed.
  • Try using Robot Rats to block incoming damage from your position.
  • The brawler’s Super can act as a super of the other brawler in the game, the Tick since they have low health and can be used more against brawlers who have their health bar already affected. They will have to shoot and won’t regain your hit points.
  • Ash’s attack has a certain delay, making him vulnerable to high-damage Brawlers like Bull, who can deal massive damage very quickly. When facing these Brawlers, attack them at the limit of range so they can’t hit all your projectiles and easily defeat you.
  • As a heavyweight, Ash is stronger on maps with a lot of walls and bushes.
  • It can be used in very aggressive strategies. You can cast his Super to the enemy team, weakening enemies and significantly increasing your Rage bar. Then use the increased damage from your fully charged Rage bar and the piercing ability of your attack to defeat enemies.
Default Ash
Ninja Ash
Default Ash
Ninja Ash Skin
(Brawl Pass 8th Season)
Silver Ash Skin
(10,000 Gold)
Golden Ash Skin
(25,000 Gold)


1     5400
2     5670
3     5940
4     6210
5     6480
6     6750
7     7020
8     7290
9     7560
10   7830
11   8100


Range : 4.67 (Normal)
Reload : 1.4 Seconds (Fast)
1 Second (With Full Rage and Mad As Heck)
Super Sharge Per Hit : 16.8% 25.2% (Half Rage) 33.6% (Full Rage)
Projectile Speed : 5000
Attack Width : 1.67

Level Damage
6    1000
7    1040
8    1080
9    1120
10  1160
11  1200


Range : 5 (Normal)
Super Charge Per Hit : 3.75%
Projectile Speed : 1196
Rat Movement Speed : 1200

Level             Health  Per RatDamage Per Rat
1  300300
2  315315
3  330330
4  345345
5  360360
6  375375
7  390390
8  405405
9  420420


Ash quickly gets furious about all the junk he has to clean up. Dealing and receiving blows, even more so. The Fury makes him faster and more dangerous, but eventually, he cools down.

 Attack: Clean-Up

Ash angrily smashes down with his broom. Get out of the way, or you might bite the dust!

Ash winds up his broom and smashes it on the ground, sending a piercing shockwave. Although Ash reloads relatively quickly, the wind-up inhibits him from bursting his attack. This attack takes 0.7 seconds to complete.

 Super: Little Helpers

Robotic rats for cleaning up? They explode on contact, dealing damage to opponents and significantly increasing Ash’s Rage level.

Ash throws down five robotic rats with low health and damage that chase the nearest enemy and explode upon contact with them in a 2-tile radius.

Star Powers

First Bash

When hitting an opponent with his attack charges total, Ash gets even angrier. His Rage goes up by 200%.

When Ash has all his ammo, the next time he attacks an enemy, it charges his Rage bar by¬†37.5%¬†(instead of¬†12.5%). This doesn’t affect his Super’s Rage charge rate.

Mad As Heck

Ash progressively gains up to¬†30%¬†faster reload speed, equal to how enraged he’s become.

Ash reloads his attack up to 30% faster the more Rage he has. This Star Power will still take effect even without maximum Rage.


 Chill Pill

Though furious, Ash has to collect himself. A full rage meter will recover 2500 health when this Gadget is popped Рless Rage, less recovery.

Ash will heal for up to¬†2500¬†health if his Rage bar is filled upon activation. However, this resets all of Ash’s Rage, and Ash cannot use this Gadget if Ash has no Rage.

 Rotten Banana

Ash loses 40% health and instantly gains 40% rage.

Ash instantly loses 40% of his current health and gains 40% of his Rage. Since the health reduction is based on his current health, Ash cannot defeat himself when using this Gadget. The health reduction from this Gadget does not trigger his Trait if Ash can only use this Gadget when he has two health or more.


Move Speed 4.00 Tiles Per Sec.
Hit Points 300
Collision Radius 90%
Attack Speed 1000ms
Attack Damage 300

How to get Ash?

This chromatic brawler can be unlocked with the 8th season at level 30. For players who buy the Brawl Pass, it will be guaranteed to be unlocked, and those who do not acquire the pass will be able to unlock it from level 30 with luck to find it in Brawl Mega Crates and Big Crates. Also, you can get a brawler through offers in the Store.

It’s relatively tricky to get the free brawler in the crates, but not impossible, so good luck!

Balance Changes

None so far…

Cat Ambang Trofi otomatis dikumpulkan jika Kalian sudah melewatinya

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