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About Bea : Bea is an Epic Brawler with low health but a high damage potential. Her attack is a long-ranged bee that deals moderately low damage. Hitting an enemy with this shot supercharges her next shot to deal significant damage. Bea only has 1 ammo slot that reloads fast but has a long cooldown for each shot. 

Skins for Bea

Default Bea
Ladybug Bea
Gold Neko Bea
Neko Bea
Mega Beetle Bea
Archvillain Bea


1     3000
2     3150
3     3300
4     3450
5     3600
6     3750
7     3900
8     4050
9     4200
10   4350
11   4500


Range : 10 (Very Long)
Reload : 0.9 Seconds (Very Fast)
Super Charge Per Hit : 35.6%
Projectile Speed : 3255
Attack Width : 1


Leve          Damage Supercharged Damage
1  800  2200
2  840  2310
3  880  2420
4  920  2530
5  960  2640
6  10002750
7  10402860
8  10802970
9  11203080


Movement Speed : 720 (Normal)
Range : 9 (Long)
Projectiles per super : 7
Super charge per hit : 2.5%
Super spread : 15¬į
Projectile speed : 2500
Super width : 1

Level                 Damage per drone
1   100
2   105
3   110
4   115
5   120
6   125
7   130
8   135
9   140
10 145
11 150


Bea loves bugs and hugs. She shoots her mechanical drones at range, and her Super sends forth an angry army of swarming bees!

 Attack: Big Sting

Bea is an Epic Brawler with low health but a high damage potential. Her attack is a long-ranged bee that deals moderately low damage. Hitting an enemy with this shot supercharges her next shot to deal significant damage. 

Bea launches a long-ranged bee that deals moderately low damage. If the shot hits an enemy, her next attack becomes supercharged and does 175% more damage, along with a yellow ammo bar. She only supercharges her attack when hitting a Brawler or an appropriate entity in Boss Fight, Robo Rumble, or Super City Rampage. Bea has only one ammo slot, so kicking the ball in Brawl Ball doesn’t consume any ammo. If Bea is defeated with a supercharged shot, the supercharge effect is lost and must be regained. She can’t hit two consecutive supercharged attacks.

 Super: Iron Hive

Bea deploys a swarm of drones that move and turn like jets. They slow down any opponents caught in their path.

Bea releases 7 drones that spread out as they travel after 2.67 tiles. They each deal minor damage to enemies they hit and slow them down for 3 seconds.

Star Powers

Insta Beaload

Instantly supercharge Bea’s Big Sting one time if she misses a supercharged shot.

Bea can regain her supercharged shot if she misses it, giving her a second chance to use the supercharged shot. However, she won’t get a third chance if she misses it again.

Honey Comb

Bea receives a 30% shield while Big Sting is supercharged.

When Bea’s Big Sting attack is supercharged, she gains a shield that reduces all damage received by¬†30%. This effect is lost the moment she fires the shot.


 Honey Molasses

Bea drops a beehive with a splash of sticky honey around it. The honey slows down enemies that step in it.

Upon activation, Bea deploys a beehive at her position that creates a sizeable yellow honey puddle around itself. This puddle spreads past walls and slows down enemies in its 4 tile radius. The beehive has 1000 health and will be destroyed if Bea uses her Gadget again.

 Rattled Hive

Bea unleashes 4 angry bees that circle away from her, dealing more damage the further they go (up to 600 damage).

When activated, 4 bees will circle Bea that spiral away from her. Each bee deals 295 to 600 damage the further it travels, which deals a maximum of 2400 damage if the bees hit an enemy at maximum range. The bees can fly over walls and cover up to 10 tiles horizontally and vertically before despawning. However, the bees can’t pierce multiple enemies, and they disappear after hitting a target. If Bea is defeated, stunned, pulled in, or knocked back before all bees are unleashed, the Gadget gets interrupted, but already unleashed bees continue on their path.

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