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Bonnie – Wiki, Info, Skins and Attacks

About Bonnie : Bonnie is an Epic Brawler who has two forms, which are active with her super, similar to Meg. The difference is that Bonnie only reverts to her default form if she uses her super again.

NEW Brawler Bonnie

Bonnie is an Epic Brawler who has two forms, which are active with her super, similar to Meg. The difference is that Bonnie only reverts to her default form if she uses her super again.

  • Cannon Form: Walks slowly and attacks from a distance. It has only one ammo bar, providing slow shots.
    When using the Super: It is launched by its own cannon and when it lands it deals damage. And that activates your second form…
  • Off-Cannon Form: Walking without the cannon, Bonnie is fast and does a lot of damage close to her target.
    When using Super: It takes a while to get back into cannon form, but once she does, she regains some of her health.

The next Brawl Stars update theme revolves around Stu’s Stunt Show, which will feature new members, Brawlers sisters Janet and Boonie. In addition to the new characters, we will have a variety of theme skins.

Boonie – Brawler release date revealed!

Epic rarity, Boonie can be played either alone or using her cannon called Clyde, activating the Super. Here on the site, there is already a complete page detailing everything about the Brawler Wiki, showing Star Powers, Accessory, and Attributes. But what hasn’t been revealed yet is its release date. It just said that it would be released sometime in June.

And now we finally have official information for the community. Bonnie is due to be released on Brawl Stars on June 6th, a Monday.


Skins for Bonnie

Default Bonnie
Empress Bonnie

Empress Bonnie

Default Bonnie


Bonnie touches the ground with Clyde, her trusty cannon. At least her angel face makes up for the chaos created… Could it be?

  Bonnie’s Attack : Bomb Up the Sleeve

Bonnie throws small grenades from the sleeves of her jacket.

Without her cannon, she throws grenades that she keeps in her sleeves at her opponents.

 Clyde’s Attack : Tooth Shooter

Bonnie uses Clyde to fire a massive fang at enemies.

While the brawler is on top of Clyde, her wheeled cannon, she causes attacks by throwing huge fangs at enemies through the cannon.

  Bonnie’s Super : Clyde

Bonnie calls Clyde and takes control of his cannon.

But if the character is walking without her cannon, she calls Clyde and takes control of the vehicle.

  Clyde’s Super : Bulletgirl

Clyde launches Bonnie, allowing her to blast through obstacles and inflict damage on nearby enemies upon landing.

When the character is on top of the cannon, Clyde launches the brawler up when using the Super, making it go over obstacles and deal damage when it hits the ground.

Star Powers

poder-de-estrela-bonnie-brawl-stars-megadisparo-star-power-black-powder  Black Powder

Bullet Woman’s range is increased by 36%.

Clyde’s (Bulletwoman) Super Attack range will be 36% greater if you choose this Star Power.

poder-de-estrela-bonnie-brawl-stars-siso-inflamado-star-power-wisdow-tooth  Wisdom Tooth 

The Tooth Shooter’s projectile explodes on impact and deals 25% extra damage to nearby enemies.

And with the second Star Power, the projectile launched from Clyde’s Attack (Tooth Shooter) will explode when hitting targets and deal +25% extra damage to nearby opponents.



 Sugar Rush

Clyde’s agility and reload speed are increased by 30% for 5 seconds.

Activating the accessory for 5 seconds, she gains an improvement (+30%) in Clyde’s agility and rebound speed.

acessorio-bonnie-brawl-stars-colisao-gadget-crash-test  Crash Test

Bonnie charges forward, knocking enemies back and dealing 300 damage per hit.

If you choose this accessory, when walking without the Clyde, the brawler will lunge forward, in which case opponents in front will be pushed back and receive 300 damage (per hit).

How to get Bonnie?

This Epic rarity brawler can be unlocked by finding it in Brawl Crates, Mega Crates, and Large Crates. Also you can get a brawler through offers in the Store.

It’s relatively difficult to get the brawler for free in the boxes, but not impossible, good luck!

getting bonnie brawl stars

Balance Changes

None so far…

Janet-Empress-Bonnie-Bonnie New Brawler Funny Pose - Brawl Stars Season 12

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