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About Brock : Brock is a Common Brawler with low health but a high damage output. His attack shoots long-ranged rockets that explode and deal area damage in a short radius. 

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health-a (1)


Level Health
1      2400
2      2520
3      2640
4      2760
5      2880
6      3000
7      3120
8      3240
9      3360
10    3480
11    3600



Range : 9 (Long)
Reload : 2.1 seconds (Slow)
Super charge per hit : 26.1%
Projectile speed : 2710
3116 (with Rocket Fuel)
Attack width : 0.67
1 (with Rocket Fuel)

Level                          Damage                                       Fire damage Per Second
1   1160 360
2   1218 378
3   1276 396
4   1334 414
5   1392 432
6   1450 450
7   1508 468
8   1566 486
9   1624 504
10 1682 522
11 1740 540



Movement Speed : 720 (Normal)         
Range : 8.33 (Long)
Projectiles per super : 9
13 (with More Rockets)
Super charge per hit : 20.8%
Projectile speed : 870

Level              Damage Per Rocket
1   1040
2   1092
3   1144
4   1196
5   1248
6   1300
7   1352
8   1404
9   1456
10 1508
11 1560


Brock fires a long-range, explosive rocket at enemies. His Super is a ballistic rocket barrage that destroys cover!

¬†Attack: Rockin’ Rocket

Brock lets fly with a single Rockin’ Rocket that really goes the distance.

Brock’s attack is a long-range rocket missile that deals high area damage in a¬†1.5-tile¬†splash radius on impact. After exploding, it sets the ground on fire within a¬†1-tile¬†radius that deals damage over¬†2¬†seconds. However, his attacks reload rather slowly and travel slowly as well.

 Super: Rocket Rain

Brock fires a rocket barrage that takes out enemies and obstacles. He only wants to see you bathing in the Rocket Rain!

When Brock’s Super is used, he launches a volley of¬†9¬†rockets spread out over a large area, dealing heavy damage to any targets hit. These rockets destroy obstacles within a¬†1.5-tile¬†splash radius and can be fired over them. The Super takes¬†2.05¬†seconds to complete. Brock can still move while Rocket Rain is in effect, and the rockets fired continue hitting the targeted area, regardless of Brock’s position. However, he can’t attack or reload while using his Super, and it is canceled if Brock is knocked back, stunned, or uses his Rocket Laces Gadget while using his Super.

Star Powers

 More Rockets!

Rocket Rain now rains down 44% more rockets.

Brock’s Super now fires 4 more rockets, increasing the number of rockets from 9 to 13.

Rocket No. Four

Brock loads a fourth rocket into his launcher, increasing his ammo capacity (and discarding the thermos bottle he’s been keeping in his launcher’s #4¬†tube).

Brock gains an extra ammo bar, allowing him to have up to 4 attacks ready at once. However, Brock’s reload speed remains the same, so it takes 33% longer for him to reload his ammo after firing all four rockets fully.


 Rocket Laces

Brock blasts the ground below him and propels himself into the air. The explosion deals 500 damage to nearby enemies.

When used, Brock creates an explosion with a range of 2.67 tiles under his feet to jump in the direction he faces, allowing him to jump over walls or water. Any enemy in the explosion is knocked back. The explosion can’t destroy walls or bushes. If required to cross over a more significant number of blocks or lakes, his jumping distance will increase up to a limit or the nearest piece of ground. While in the air, Brock is entirely immune to all damage besides status effects and damage applied over time. If he uses this Gadget while his Super is active, his Super is canceled.

 Rocket Fuel

Brock’s next attack is a mega rocket that is bigger, badder, faster and destroys walls.

Activating this Gadget allows Brock’s next attack to travel¬†15%¬†faster, be¬†50%¬†bigger, and destroy cover in a¬†2-tile¬†explosion radius. A Gadget symbol will glow above Brock’s head, signaling this Gadget’s usage and a glowing attack joystick. This Gadget’s cooldown starts after this attack is shot.

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