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About Buzz : Buzz is a Chromatic Brawler with moderately high health, a high damage output, and excellent mobility because of his Super and fast movement speed but a short attack range. His Trait allows Buzz to passively charge his Super if an enemy Brawler is within a radius of him. He attacks with close-ranged sound waves from his whistle. 

Buzz is the Rex Spa’s lifeguard. As a good rescuer, he is always on the lookout to prevent possible drowning with his torpedo-style buoy. Too bad he sometimes gets carried away on the pitch!

Tips for playing with Buzz

  • A good strategy to hit all 5 shots is to move clockwise around the opponent or attack at close range. While easier to do, the latter is riskier due to some brawlers who excel at close-range combat, including Darryl, Spike, and Bull.
  • If an opponent is escaping and out of reach of Buzz, he can use his Super to reach and stun him, giving Buzz a chance to finish him off.
  • He is not immune to damage when pulling himself up to a Brawler, so doing this while Buzz is low on health is risky.
  • As Buzz has a very short attack range, he will only face an opponent without a Super if he is really going to be able to land the attack.
  • If you’re facing aggressive Brawlers and their trait’s extra Super-Charge range isn’t needed, it might be worth using your Torpedo Torpor Star Power to get an increased stun duration at close range and ensure you knock them out.
  • When playing this brawler on more open maps against enemies out of range, his Star Power “Polarized Glasses” gives more value as it is easier for Buzz to charge his Super.
  • His “Spare Buoy” Attachment is effective for emergency situations, such as escaping without having a Super. It can also be used offensively, using it to reach enemies faster, or using it as a Super at the start of a match.
  • Since Buzz’s Super stuns in a short radius around him when he finishes pulling himself into place with the buoy, it’s better to grab a wall near an enemy than grab the enemy, as his Super it is difficult to hit a moving target.
Default Buzz
Born Buzz
Director Buzz
Default Buzz
Born Bad Buzz Skin
((Brawl Pass 7th Season))
Director Buzz Skin
((Star League Season 9))
Silver Buzz Skin
(10,000 Gold)
Golden Buzz Skin
(25,000 Gold)
With his new Star Power, Buzz's Super charging area is now bigger!


1     4200
2     4410
3     4620
4     4830
5     5040
6     5250
7     5460
8     5670
9     5880
10   6090
11   6300


Range : 2.67 (Short)
Reload : 1 Second (Very Fast)
Projectiles Per attack : 5
Super Charge Per Hit : 10.08%
Attack Spread : 100°
Projectile Speed : 4000
Attack Width : 1

Level                           Damage per sound wave
1   420
2   441
3   462
4   483
5   504
6   525
7   546
8   567
9   588
10 609
11 630


Movement Speed :770 (Fast) 4500 (With Super)
Range : 10 (Very Long)
Projectile Speed : 3500
Super Width : 1

  • Buzz’s attack is melee, inflicting slaps on opponents that propagate in an arc format.
  • With his super, he can launch a buoy, which, if he hits an opponent or wall, he pulls himself to the target. And when he gets to an enemy this way, he stuns them in a radius of 2.33. The duration of the stun is based on how far Buzz used his Super on the enemy before hitting them.


Ash quickly gets furious about all the junk he has to clean up. Dealing and receiving blows, even more so. The Fury makes him faster and more dangerous, but eventually, he cools down.

 Attack: Buzz Off

Buzz is the lifeguard at Velocirapids. He constantly scans for folks in trouble he can throw his torpedo buoy to, but his throws are rather overenthusiastic.

Buzz blows 5 close-ranged, piercing sound waves from his whistle in a strafing motion from left to right. His attack has a slow upload speed, taking 0.9 seconds to complete.

 Super: Torpedo Throw

Buzz throws out his torpedo buoy. If it hits an opponent or a wall, Buzz hauls himself over there, stunning nearby opponents where he lands.

Buzz throws out a buoy that can hit both opposing targets or walls, pulling himself to it afterward. After Buzz pulls to an enemy, he stuns them and other enemies in a 2.33-tile radius. The stun duration is variable; the farther away Buzz was before hitting a target with his Super, the longer the stun duration. The maximum stun duration is 1.5 seconds, and the minimum is 0.5 seconds. If Buzz moves behind an obstacle while using his Super, he goes through the obstacle. Buzz is pulled to their original location if the grappled enemy moves away from where the Buzz initially hit them. Buzz can travel across lakes while being pulled, he can still move before the buoy hits an enemy or wall, and if a wall Buzz grappled onto gets destroyed, Buzz’d pull him to the wall’s location. However, Buzz’s Super can be interrupted if he’s pulled, stunned, pushed back, or knocked back while using his Super.

Star Powers

Tougher Torpedo

The minimum duration of Buzz’s Super stun is increased by 0.5 seconds.

The minimum stun duration of his Super is increased to 1 second instead of the usual 0.5 seconds. This Star Power doesn’t affect his Reserve Buoy Gadget or the maximum stun duration of his Super.

Eyes Sharp

Buzz’s Supercharging area is increased by 33%.

Buzz’s Trait’s Supercharging area is increased by 33%, increasing the radius from 6 to 7 tiles.


Reserve Buoy

Instantly fills the Super meter, but the next Torpedo Throw doesn’t stun opponents.

When Buzz activates this Gadget, he charges his Super instantly, but this Super won’t stun enemies. Buzz can’t use this Gadget if his Super is already charged, and if he gets defeated before he uses that Super, Buzz respawns without the Gadget’s Super. A Gadget symbol will glow above Buzz’s head, signaling this Gadget’s usage and a glowing Super joystick. This Gadget’s cooldown starts after he uses his Super.

How to get Buzz?

This chromatic rarity brawler was released with Season 7, at level 30. For players who compare the pass, it’s guaranteed to be unlocked, and for those who haven’t acquired the pass, you have to unlock it, counting on the luck of finding it in Brawl Boxes, Mega Boxes, and Large Boxes. Also, you can get a brawler through offers in the Store.

It’s relatively difficult to get the free brawler in the crates, but not impossible, so good luck!

Balance Changes

None so far…

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