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About Byron : Byron is a Mythic Brawler with moderately high damage output and can provide consistent healing to allies but with low health and insufficient burst damage. His attack is a long-ranged dart that damages enemies and heals allies over time.

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1     2400
2     2520
3     2640
4     2760
5     2880
6     3000
7     3120
8     3240
9     3360
10   3480
11   3600


Range : 10 (Very Long)
Reload : 1.3 seconds (Very Fast)
Super charge per hit : 11.14%
Projectile speed : 4000
Attack width : 1

Level                             Damage / Heal per second
1   340
2   357
3   374
4   391
5   408
6   425
7   442
8   459
9   476
10 493
11 510


Movement Speed : 720 (Normal)
Range : 7.33 (Long)
Super Charge Per Hit : 22.875%
Projectile Speed : 2000

Level       Damage / Heal
1  1500
2  1575
3  1650
4  1725
5  1800
6  1875
7  1950
8  2025
9  2100


Byron deals with potent medicaments, but never call him a snake oil salesman!

 Attack: Careful Dose

Shoots a long range dart that can hit both opponents and friendlies. Opponents will take damage over time and friendlies will heal over time.

Byron fires a long-ranged dart, dealing three ticks of damage over time to enemies over 2 seconds. However, if the dart hits an ally, it heals them for the same amount of health as damage to an enemy. The damage/healing effects stack, meaning you can attack/heal the same target multiple times to increase its effect. The damage/healing effects also scale with buffs. Byron’s attack has a slow cooldown of 0.5 seconds but has a very fast reload speed.

 Super: Full Treatment

Throws a vial that heals friendlies and damages opponents.

Byron lobs a vial over obstacles which instantaneously heals both himself and allies and damages enemies within a 2.67-tile splash radius upon impact.

Star Powers


Byron’s Super will also cause opponents to receive 75% less healing from any source for 9 seconds.

Enemies hit by Byron’s Super will now heal for 25% as much health from any healing source for 9 seconds. This doesn’t affect Max’s Sneaky Sneakers Gadget.


Every 3.5 seconds the next basic attack will pierce through targets.

Byron gains a bar similar to Bibi’s Home Run bar. Byron’s next attack pierces through any target when the bar is charged up after 3.5 seconds. Like Sprout’s Overgrowth Star Power, Byron doesn’t require all three ammo to charge the bar.


 Shot In The Arm

Byron uses one of his shots to heal himself 800 per second for 3 seconds.

Byron consumes one ammo bar while healing him 800 health per second for 3 seconds, healing 2400 health. This Gadget can be activated when Byron is in total health. There’s a 1-second delay upon activation, similar to his attack.

 Booster Shots

Byron’s next attack shoots 3 darts instead of one, each dealing 20% less damage and 40% less healing.

Activating this Gadget makes Byron’s subsequent attack fire 3 darts in a moderate spread. Each dart deals 20% less damage and heals for 40% less health than usual. Byron’s Injection Star Power doesn’t affect this Gadget. A Gadget symbol will glow above Byron’s head, signaling this Gadget’s usage and a glowing attack joystick. This Gadget’s cooldown starts after this attack is shot.

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