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About Colette : Colette is a Chromatic Brawler that attacks by firing a projectile that deals more damage the more health her enemy has or a fixed amount against specific targets. 

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health-a (1)


Level Health
1      3400
2      3570
3      3740
4      3910
5      4080
6      4250
7      4420
8      4590
9      4760
10    4930
11    5100



Range : 8.67 (Long)
Reload : 1.6 Seconds (Normal)
Super Charge Per Hit : 25%
Projectile Speed : 4000
Attack Width : 1

Level                       Minimum Damage      Damage to Special Targets
1   500 1000
2   525 1050
3   550 1100
4   575 1150
5   600 1200
6   625 1250
7   650 1300
8   675 1350
9   700 1400
10 725 1450
11 750 1500



Range : 11 (Very Long)
Super Charge Per Hit : 25%

Level                   Minimum damage Damage to special targets
1   500 2000
2   525 2100
3   550 2200
4   575 2300
5   600 2400
6   625 2500
7   650 2600
8   675 2700
9   700 2800
10 725 2900
11 750 3000


Colette attacks by firing a projectile that deals more damage the more health her enemy has or a fixed amount against certain targets. For her Super, she dashes forwards and then back very quickly, damaging any enemies in her path based on their maximum health.

 Attack: Taxing Shot

Colette fires a shot that takes what you owe! And the more you have, the more you owe.

Colette fires a heart-shaped projectile at long range, dealing¬†37%¬†of the opponent’s current health; thus, she can do a large amount of damage to high-health targets such as Frank and El Primo but low damage to low-health targets like Piper or Tick. Power Cube buffs are applied after the base damage is calculated. The attack has a minimum damage amount, which increases based on Colette’s power level. Colette’s attack will deal the minimum damage amount once¬†37%¬†of the enemy’s health is lower than her minimum damage.

For some targets (such as Power Cube Boxes, the IKE, Heist Safes, spawnable, Big Brawlers in Big Game, or other non-Brawlers), she will deal a fixed amount of damage that is based on her power level. This is affected by outside buffs such as Power Cubes and 8-BIT’s damage.

 Super: Time To Collect

Colette makes a dash forth and back, dealing taxing damage to everyone in her path, based on their maximum health.

Colette dashes forward a long distance until she reaches maximum range or is blocked by a wall and then dashes back to her starting position. She can go over water while using her Super. If she collides with an enemy, she deals with¬†20%¬†of the target’s maximum health, both on her forward and returns dash. Like her main attack, Power Cube buffs are applied after the base damage is calculated, and she will do twice as much damage to particular targets as her main attack.

Star Powers

Colette's Star Power Push It

Push It

All enemy brawlers hit by Colette’s charge are carried to the farthest point of the attack!

When using her Super, Colette drags enemies she hits to the maximum range of her Super. This will interrupt any attacks and Supers, such as Carl’s or Frank’s Super. Brawlers affected by this Star Power can also be pushed across the water. Brawlers carried to the farthest point of the attack will be hit twice.

Colette's Star Power Mass Tax

Mass Tax

Colette’s super gives her a¬†20%¬†shield for¬†5¬†seconds. Every enemy brawler hit by it will add¬†10%¬†more protection.

When using her Super, she will get an initial 20% damage reduction shield that increases by 10% with every enemy she hits, and the shield lasts for 5 seconds after using the Super. This can allow her to have a 100% damage reduction (immunity) if she hits eight or more enemies with her Super. Note that even with the 100% shield, it will not affect slows, stuns, or knockbacks.




Colette’s next shot deals extra¬†1000¬†damage.Upon activation, Colette’s next attack deals¬†1000¬†more damage.

A Gadget symbol will glow above Colette’s head, signaling this Gadget’s activation, as well as a glowing attack joystick. This Gadget’s cool-down begins after the attack is used.


On activation, Colette’s shots heal herself for 5 seconds for 80% of the damage dealt.

For the next¬†5¬†seconds, Colette will heal for¬†80%¬†of the damage dealt by her attacks. A Gadget symbol will glow above Colettes’s head, signaling this Gadget’s usage, as well as a glowing attack joystick.

How to play and use ColetteÔľü

Now that we have all the information we need, we can think further. To do so, here is a list of the advantages of Colette as a team

  • Quickly weakens enemies so that teammates can finish them off.
  • Quickly access objectives such as gems or bolts with his Super.
  • Allows you to execute an enemy and return to safety with your Super.
  • Has great dueling potential when it has its gadget.

For example, we can even combine two of the above points in certain situations in Gem Razzia. If an opponent with gems is weakened, Colette’s Super will allow her to eliminate him and pick up some gems in the process. As for the other team play modes, try to be the first to shoot your opponents. Your attacks will inflict a lot of damage and surprise your opponents. As a result, they will either be finished off by your allies, or they will let you take up space on the map.

Is Colette The Best Brawler?

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