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“Ruffs fires a dual laser beam that bounces off walls. The Super is an air support that deals damage to enemies and leaves an accelerator for allies.”

Colonel Ruffs is a Support-type character with chromatic rarity. It was released in Season 5, and if you have acquired the Brawl Pass, Colonel Ruffs can immediately unlock at level 30. You can win it in the boxes if you haven’t unlock it, counting on luck.

Tips for playing with Colonel Ruffs

  • When holding the Brawler’s “Super” button, try to aim close to a place where allies can get the boost quickly, and enemies can be knocked back. This can be largely ignored in Solo Combat after getting your first boost. In either case, getting Super quickly is essential.
  • If you’re in danger, use the accessory, as it can protect itself (and your allies) while still being able to shoot over sandbags. Sandbags won’t protect against piercing attacks (let alone Penny), so be careful when a Brawler with an attack that goes through targets comes your way.
  • Colonel Ruffs shoots two projectiles, which means they can bounce off separate walls. Try not to use auto-aim and instead use manual aim whenever possible, as this will increase your chances of hitting projectile shots.
  • Since this brawler can be used using walls to your advantage, it can be used to attack enemies behind a wall. It’s most effective with Ruffs’ Star Power, so his super can destroy cover and deal more damage.
  • Colonel Ruffs’ Air Support can force enemies into or out of a trap point where they can be easily defeated or help your team otherwise. It can also be used as extra damage on Siege Bots and the enemy IKE Tower in Cornered Mode and the vault in Robbery Mode.

Skins for Colonel Ruffs

Default Ruffs
Marshal Ruffs
Ronin Ruffs


Colonel Ruffs


Ronin Ruffs Skins
(Brawl Pass 5th Season)


Marshal Ruffs Skins
(79 Gems)


Silver Colonel Ruffs Skins
(10,000 Gold)


Golden Colonel Ruffs Skins
(25,000 Gold)



Level Health
1      2800
2      2940
3      3080
4      3220
5      3360
6      3500
7      3640
8      3780
9      3920
10    4060
11    4200



Range : 9 (Long)
Reload : 1.4 seconds (Fast)
Projectiles per attack : 2
Super charge per hit : 15.25%
Projectile speed : 3500
Attack width : 0.93

Level                Damage per laser
1   560
2   588
3   616
4   644
5   672
6   700
7   728
8   756
9   784
10 812
11 840



Range : 7.67 (Long)
Super charge per hit : 33.5%
Projectile speed : 1700
Supply drop range : 2.33
Movement speed : 720 (Normal)

Level Damage
1    1000
2    1050
3    1100
4    1150
5    1200
6    1250
7    1300
8    1350
9    1400
10  1450
11  1500


Ruffs fires twin shots of lasers that bounce off walls. His Super is a supply drop that can damage enemies in the drop zone and leaves a power up for your team to use.

 Attack: Double-Barrel Laser

Ruffs’ twin-laser bounces off walls multiple times. They can hit enemies behind cover.

Colonel Ruffs fires¬†2¬†lasers simultaneously parallel to each other. They can bounce off walls, increasing their range by one tile up to¬†3¬†times, similar to Rico’s attack. Each laser’s bounce is independent of the other.

Super: Supply Drop

Ruffs call upon a supply drop that can damage enemies in the landing area and leaves a power-up for friendly brawlers to pick up. The power-up increases health and damage. It does not stack and is lost on death.

Colonel Ruffs throws a beacon that summons a supply drop after a short second delay. An indicator shows the area-of-effect of the supply drop that damages and knocks back enemies in a 2.33 tile radius. A power-up in the shape of a small badge appears, which both Colonel Ruffs and allies can pick up, boosting their elemental attack damage (and healing and Super damage if applicable) by 20% and their maximum health by 700 health (and instantly healing them by 700 health in the process). Only one power-up at a time can be active on the field, and using your Super again when there is already a power-up on the field will remove the power-up currently on the field. However, there can be multiple buffed teammates. A teammate cannot pick up more than one power-up.

Buffed allies will glow a pinkish-purple tone, regardless of any Brawler. These buffs stack with other buffs other than Ruff’s power-up like 8-BIT‘s Super additively but Power Cubes multiplicatively. These buffs disappear when allies are defeated, a round is over in Knockout, or a goal/point is scored in Brawl Ball, Volley Brawl, or Basket Brawl.

Star Powers

Air Superiority

Supply Drop now includes a bomb that adds +1000 damage to the drop and allows it to destroy walls.

Ruffs’ Super now deals an additional¬†1000¬†damage to hit enemies and destroys obstacles.

Field Promotion

Friendly Brawlers have their maximum health increased by¬†30¬†every second. They are in the range of this ability while it’s active.

Colonel Ruffs increases all allied Brawlers’ maximum health in a¬†3.33¬†tile radius around him by¬†30¬†health per second. This doesn’t apply to Colonel Ruffs himself, and if any affected allies die, their maximum health is reset. This Star Power will reveal the location of Colonel Ruffs if he is invisible or inside a bush. This health acts as bonus health, not affecting Colette’s mechanics.


 Take Cover

Ruffs throw down 3 sandbags to cover himself. Each one has 2000 health.

Colonel Ruffs spawns three immobile sandbags in a triangle formation around him, each having 2000 health. They block non-piercing or bouncing/splitting narrow enemy fire. Auto-aim prioritizes enemies over sandbags.

Air Support

Ruffs call a barrage around the nearest opponent, dealing 700 damage with each hit.

When this Gadget is activated,¬†9¬†scattered indicators target the nearest enemy within a¬†10-tile¬†radius of Ruffs in quick succession. A missile-like projectile lands at each indicator¬†2.5¬†seconds after the indicator’s appearance, each dealing¬†700¬†damage and knocking back enemies in a¬†1.67-tile radius. These projectiles do not destroy obstacles and are fired in order of their indicators’ appearance, with the previous indicator disappearing after the projectile hits the ground, similarly to El Primo’s Asteroid Belt Gadget.

How to get Colonel Ruffs?

You must reach tier 30 in season 5 to find Colonel Ruffs in Brawl crates. Or if you’ve purchased the Season 5 Brawl Pass, you’ll unlock it once you reach tier 30.

It’s relatively difficult to get the brawler for free in the boxes, but not impossible, good luck!


Balance Changes

  • On 07/04/2021, a Balance Update reduced the main attack range from 50ms to 200ms between shots. And his health has also been reduced from 3000 to 2800.
  • On 3/1/2022, Balance implemented an increase in base damage (from 500 to 560 per shot).

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