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About Edgar : Edgar is an Epic Brawler who has high and consistent burst damage and excellent mobility with his Super and fast movement speed, but low health and a short attack range.

Skins for Edgar

Default Edgar
Orochi Edgar
Quickdraw Edgar
Doctor Edgar


1     4800
2     5040
3     5280
4     5520
5     5760
6     6000
7     6240
8     6480
9     6720
10   6960
11   7200


Range : 9 (Long)
Reload : 1.3 Seconds (Very Fast)
Projectiles Per Attack : 9
Super Charge Per Hit : 6.825%
Attack Spread : 30°
Projectile Speed : 4130
Attack Width : 0.33

Level               Damage Per PunchHeal Per Punch
1  540189
2  567198
3  594207
4  621217
5  648226
6  675236
7  702245
8  729255
9  756264


Movement Speed : 820 (Very Fast)
3500 (With Super)
1020 (After Super)
Range : 6.67 (Normal)


Edgy and with a hands-off attitude, Edgar prefers to throw punches with his scarf. With his Super, Edgar jumps into the fray swinging his scarf around himself.

 Attack: Fight Club

Hits enemies with quick punches from his scarf, healing himself for each landed punch.

Edgar throws out short-ranged, piercing punches from his scarf, healing himself for 35% of the damage dealt per punch. The attack cooldown is extremely short, and the attack takes 0.35 seconds to complete. The amount healed scales with Power Cubes or other outside buffs such as Colonel Ruffs’, 8-BIT’s Super, or Belle’s Super.

 Super: Vault

Edgar jumps over any obstacle and gets a temporary speed boost. His Super will slowly charge over time.

Edgar jumps into the air and over obstacles briefly before landing in the area where the Super was aimed, and when auto-aimed, he will jumps to the nearest enemy. If there are lakes, his jump range is extended to the nearest ground. While in the air, Edgar is entirely immune to all damage besides status effects and damage applied over time. He boosts his movement speed by 200 points for 2.5 seconds on landing.

Star Powers

Hard Landing

Edgar’s Super will also deal 1000 damage to nearby enemies upon landing.

Upon landing from his Super, Edgar deals 1000 damage in a 3-tile radius around him. In addition, an altered landing indicator shows the area of effect.


Edgar receives 25% more healing from the damage he deals.

Edgar receives 25% more healing per punch. This increases his healing rate per punch from his base of 35% to 43.75%.


Let’s Fly

Edgar’s Super charges faster, 525% for seconds.

Edgar’s Trait’s Supercharge speed is 525% faster for 4 seconds. This Gadget increases the charge speed per second from 3.33%  to 17.5%. This Gadget charges 70% of his Super over its duration.


Edgar gets a shield that protects him from the next 2000 damage. The shield gets weaker over time.

Edgar receives a shield that initially blocks the subsequent 2000 damage dealt with him. The shield decays for 100 health every 0.5 seconds, so the damage it can block decreases over time. If an attack deals more damage than the shield’s current health, the protection disappears, and the remaining injury damages Edgar. Colette’s attack and Super will deal damage based on Edgar’s max health when this shield is active. Enemies damaging Edgar with Hardcore can still charge their Supers.

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