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Fang – Wiki, Info, Skins and Attacks

About Fang : Fang is a Chromatic Brawler with high health, a high damage output, and a fast movement speed. His attack is a kick that deals significant damage. If he doesn’t hit an enemy with his kick, his shoe flies off, gaining additional range but minor damage. 

Fang is a Destroyer-type and Chromatic rarity character. It can be unlocked starting at level 30 of the Season 10 Brawl Pass. Players who acquire it will be able to unlock it as soon as they reach this milestone, and those who haven’t bought it will have the chance to unlock it by opening boxes.

Tips for playing with Fang

  • Since the Fang has a good amount of health, you can take on opponents at close range.
  • While his shoe does minor damage, please take into account that it travels a very long distance at a reasonable speed; this is useful for chipping away at enemies that are usually out of range of the brawler’s kick, not to mention he carries both his Super and his your kick.

Fang likes to get on the flying boat. His main attack is a heavy kick that sends his boot flying! In Super, he engages one kick after another, hitting multiple nearby enemies in succession.

With his primary attack, he deals damage with melee kicks. And if he’s not in range of another brawler, his boot goes off his foot towards the target.

Activating the super, Fang will do a powerful flying, and if it hits an opponent, it will connect to another opponent, as long as the next target is within range of the super. This power can happen up to 4 times in total.

Balance Changes
On 4/27/2022 a Balance Update reduced base health, along with super damage, as well as stun duration from “Circular Kick”. The “Reserve Kick” power no longer charges the super when killing pets.

Skins for Fang

Default Fang
Furious Fang
Default Fang Skin
Furious Fang Skin
(Brawl Pass 10th Season)
health-a (1)


Level Health
1      4500
2      4725
3      4950
4      5175
5      5400
6      5625
7      5850
8      6075
9      6300
10    6525
11    6750


Range : 3 (Short)    9 (Shoe)
Reload : 1 Second (Very Fast)
Projectiles Per Attack : 1
Super Charge Per Hit : 25%

Level          Kick Damage      Shoe Damage
1  1400350
2  1470367
3  1540385
4  1610402
5  1680420
6  1750437
7  1820455
8  1890472
9  1960490


Range : 9 (Long)
Movement speed : 770 (Fast)
Super Charge Per Hit : 20%

Level   Damage
1     1200
2     1260
3     1320
4     1380
5     1440
6     1500
7     1560
8     1620
9     1680
10   1740
11   1800


Fang has high health, a high damage output, and a fast movement speed.

 Attack: Wu-Shoe

Fang unleashes a swift kick with a hidden trick. If the kick misses the target, his shoe will fly off his foot.

Fang unleashes a single kick that deals incredible damage to enemies. If the attack doesn’t hit anything initially, his shoe will fly off, increasing the attack range by an extra six tiles, but the shoe deals minor damage. The shoe charges as much of his Super as a regular kick would.

 Super: Sneak Ahead

Fang flies into a nasty kick that upon contact, can chain a further 3 consecutive kicks to near by enemies.

Fang dashes at an enemy Brawler, dealing severe damage. If there is another enemy Brawler nearby, Fang bounces to that nearby enemy. Fang can hit up to 4 enemies with one Super. While hitting enemies, Fang can still take damage, be stunned, slowed, or knocked back.

Star Powers

Fresh Kicks

When Fang defeats an enemy with his Super, it’s recharged instantly. Allowing him to use his Super again!

Divine Soles

Reduce 500 damage from incoming hits once every 3 seconds. Maximum reduction is 90% of the incoming damage.




Fang tosses a handful of corn kernels into the air, making it rain popcorn! Each kernel pop deals 500 damage.

Fang throws popcorn bags that each explodes into small pieces of popcorn. Each kernel deals 500 damage. Like Tick‘s attack, the kernels explode upon contact or after seconds, but they explode in a smaller splash radius.

 Roundhouse Kick

Fang spins and hits all enemies around him, stunning them for 1 second.

Fang spins around, stunning enemies within a 2.33-tile radius for 1 second. Fang can still move but can’t use his attack using this Gadget.

How to get Fang?

This brawler is a Chromatic rarity, so it could be purchased in the season’s Brawl Pass and reach the unlock level at launch. But it is also possible to unlock it by finding it in Brawl Boxes, Mega Boxes, and Large Boxes. Also, you can get a brawler through offers in the Store.

It’s relatively tricky to get the free brawler in the crates, but not impossible, so good luck!

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Is Fang The Best Brawler?​

Balance Changes

  • On 4/27/2022, a Balance Update reduced base health, super damage, and stun duration from “Circular Kick.” The “Reserve Kick” power no longer charges the super when killing pets.

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