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About Grom : Grom is an Epic Brawler who could be unlocked early for a limited time by winning the Grom Challenge or can be opened from Brawl Boxes. He has moderately low health and high damage potential. He attacks by throwing his walkie-talkie over obstacles that explode in a cross pattern upon contact. 

Skins for Grom

Default Grom
Bunny Grom

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1     3000
2     3150
3     3300
4     3450
5     3600
6     3750
7     3900
8     4050
9     4200
10   4350
11   4500


Range : 7.67 (Long)

Reload : 2 Seconds (Slow)

Projectiles Per Attack : 4

Super Charge Per Hit : 16.67%

4  1035
5  1080
6  1125
7  1170
8  1215
9  1260


Movement Speed : 720 (Normal)
820 (With Foot Patrol)
Range : 5.67 (Normal)
Super Charge Per Hit : 20.98%

1   1700
2   1785
3   1870
4   1955
5   2040
6   2125
7   2210
8   2295
9   2380
10 2465
11 2550


Watchman Grom’s priority is to keep guard. He throws his trusty radio at his enemies. His Super is a big bad bomb that breaks walls and pushes back enemies!

 Attack: Bud Go Boom!

Grom hurls Bud, his exploding walkie-talkie! The blast moves in the shape of a cross, hurting enemies caught in its path.

Grom throws his walkie-talkie over obstacles that explode into four piercing projectiles in a cross pattern. An enemy can only be damaged by one of the projectiles. Like Spike’s attack, Grom’s walkie-talkie always splits perpendicularly to the map borders, and the cross pattern doesn’t rotate regardless of the direction Grom attacks in.

 Super: Grom Bomb

Grom launches a devastating bomb with Bud’s help! The Grom Bomb inflicts huge damage, breaks walls and the force from its blast pushes all enemies backwards.

Grom throws the bomb on his back over obstacles that explode into four piercing projectiles in a cross pattern, similar to his primary attack. The projectiles can also destroy blocks and knock enemies back. Still, the shots can’t pierce through walls after killing them, similar to a bullet from Colt’s Super, and enemies can only be damaged by one of the projectiles.

Star Powers

Foot Patrol

When Grom’s Super is fully charged, he gains +15% faster movement speed!

When Grom’s Super is fully charged, his movement speed is boosted by 15%, allowing Grom to move faster than most other Brawlers. The effect is lost if Grom uses his Super.


The split from Grom’s main attack deals up to 30% extra damage at max distance.

Grom’s main attack can deal up to 30% more damage the farther they travel.



Grom ejects a Watchtower from his Grom Bomb that gives all allies sight into bushes over a large area. The watchtower slowly loses health over time.

Upon activation, Grom drops a turret that allows him and his allies to see enemies inside bushes in the turret’s radius. The turret has 1500 health, will be destroyed if Grom deploys another turret, and decays by 75 health per second until it’s destroyed, lasting for up to 20 seconds if it doesn’t take any damage. Grom will not reveal any invisible enemies like Leon or Sandy inside the turret’s radius.

Radio Check

Grom’s next attack fires 3 Buds in rapid succession.

This Gadget allows Grom’s next attack to fire walkie-talkies in quick succession. A Gadget symbol will glow above Grom’s head, signaling this Gadget’s usage and a glowing attack joystick. This Gadget’s cooldown starts after this attack is shot.

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