Brawl Stars Jacky



Super Rare

About Jacky Jacky is a Super Rare Brawler with high health and a moderately high but inconsistent damage output. She has a Trait that allows her to charge her Super from enemies damaging her. She attacks with her jackhammer, which smashes the ground and instantly deals damage in a circular area around her. 

Skins for Jacky

Default Jacky
Constructor Jacky
Ultra Driller Jacky
Dark Bunny Penny
Jet Ski Jacky

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1     5000
2     5250
3     5500
4     5750
5     6000
6     6250
7     6500
8     6750
9     7000
10   7250
11   7500


Range : 3.33 (Short)
Reload : 1.8 Seconds (Normal)
Super Charge Per Hit : 25.28%

1   1160
2   1218
3   1276
4   1334
5   1392
6   1450
7   1508
8   1566
9   1624
10 1682
11 1740


Movement Speed : 770 (Fast)
928 (With Pneumatic Booster)
Range : 5
Duration : 1 Second


Jacky works her Jackhammer to shake up the ground and nearby enemies. Her Super pulls in nearby foes, leaving them in the dust!

 Attack: Groundbreaker

Jacky hops on her Jackhammer to shake the ground all around. Enemies caught too close will get a pounding!

Jacky damages all enemies in a radius around her, including enemies behind walls. The damage is dealt with immediately without any travel time, but Jacky has a relatively slow reload speed and attack cooldown. There is no direction of travel to this attack, so aiming is not required, though Jacky can use aiming to show you the area of effect.

 Super: Holey Moley!

Jacky drills a hole in the ground, pulling in foes to introduce them to her Jackhammer! 

Jacky pulls in enemies in a radius around her. Like Jacky’s attack, aiming is not required, but there’s an area-of-effect displayed if you desire. Jacky will reveal enemies in bushes and invisible enemies like Leon if they are pulled. If Jacky is moving while using her Super, Jacky will only draw enemies to where she was when using her Super.

Star Powers

Counter Crush

When receiving damage, Jacky returns the favor by converting 30% of the damage into a Groundbreaker counterattack.

Whenever Jacky is damaged, she will spontaneously perform a counterattack similar to her attack. It has a radius of 4 tiles, and it damages for 30% of the damage Jacky received. This power won’t consume ammo, and Counter Crush doesn’t trigger Counter Crush on an opposing Jacky.

Hardy Hard Hat

Jacky’s Hard Hat protects her by reducing any damage she takes by 20%.

This Star Power passively reduces all damage she takes by 20% for the full duration of the match.


 Pneumatic Booster

Jacky gets a burst of energy and moves 20% faster for 3 seconds.

This Gadget allows Jacky to move faster than usual for 3 seconds. This doesn’t stack with other speed boosts.

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