Do you have brawler Leon?

Do you have brawler Leon?
How To Unlock Leon in Brawl Stars?​

Method 1: Buy a Legendary Brawler if available in the shop, which also unlocks the Brawler if the player does not own him already.

Method 2: Open as many Boxes as you can. To get new Brawlers in Brawl Stars, we have to open chests that we receive by playing the game, completing the trophy road, or buying them with gems. 

Method 3: Buy gems to buy Mega boxes, But it is not guaranteed to get Leon out of these boxes.

Skins for Leon

Default Leon

Shark Leon

Sally Leon

Werewolf Leon

Dino Leon


How to Use The Leon to Win The Game in Brawl Stars?

  • Leon’s swift movement speed can help them escape from enemies, as he’s faster than most other Brawlers since he’s an assassin.
  • Leon can deal a lot of damage if he hits all of his blades in a short-range attack. Use obstacles to get as close as possible to enemies and unleash your attack that has the potential to defeat all but heavyweights.
  • If you’re stuck at long range, you can use the strafing technique to chip out a moderate amount of the enemy’s health. Like Bo, Leon’s projectiles are fired from left to right, so you can concentrate or spread out by strafing left or right while attacking. You can walk left while shooting to narrow your attack width and increase damage. Conversely, you can walk right while striking to get a broad attack with minor wear for finishing off your enemies.
  • In Heist, Leon’s Super allows him to sneak behind the enemies to attack the enemy safe on the other side of the map.
  • Leon is decent in Bounty. His Super allows him to pick off enemies and defeat them one by one, racking up vast amounts of stars for his team. However, Leon is ineffective at eliminating more than one enemy, so he could find himself in a disadvantageous position after destroying an enemy.
  • Leon’s Super is ineffective when used near an enemy when they know your path. Using his Super when hiding in bushes can make your escape route increasingly unpredictable. By doing this, enemies have difficulty finding him after firing at the now unoccupied bushes.
  • Leon can use Super both offensively and defensively. If you’re in the wrong position, you can use your Super to sneak away from the enemy or even defeat one of them. If you are carrying a lot of Gems in Gem Grab or have a high bounty in Bounty, use your invisibility to escape, making it hard for the opposition to attack you. 

  • You can flash your Super as you walk into a bush to trick your enemies into thinking you’ve gone invisible. The Super allows you to heal up in the bush while your enemies scan the arena, wasting their ammo.
  • Leon’s blades have a deceptively long-range and a spread that widens as they travel. Chip away at enemies and build up your Super before slipping into stealth to defeat Brawlers at close range. This strategy works well in Events where you have to eliminate enemies, such as Bounty, Showdown, Lone Star, or Knockout.
  • Conserving ammo is also exceptionally more important with Leon. His relatively slow reload speed makes him vulnerable to an enemy who has managed to dodge, survive Leon’s attacks, or both.
  • Both of Leon’s Star Powers are useful for Brawl Ball. His Smoke Trails Star Power allows him to snatch the ball quickly. At the same time, enemies are unsuspecting of Leon’s presence until Leon retrieves the ball and attempts to score. Invisiheal can grant Leon an exceptional survivability boost, allowing him to withstand much more damage from multiple enemy defenders at their goal.
  • Unlike most assassins, Leon is used for eliminating one enemy at a time and does not have the potential for multi-defeats because of his slow reload and non-piercing attack.
  • In Showdown, Leon has two options for play styles: one is a Roamer, and the other is a Third Party. Roamers (like CrowDarryl, etc.) walk around the map, searching for potential targets to pick them off one by one. Third Parties (like Mortis or Crow) search for two people who are already engaged in combat and wait (preferably in a nearby bush) till one of the two is defeated. The Third-Party then finishes the winning Brawler and collects both Power Cube batches.
  • Leon’s Smoke Trails Star Power grants him a swift movement speed for the Super’s duration, making him hard to hit. This power is also helpful for making quick getaways or engaging someone faster.
  • Leon’s Invisiheal heals him for 1000 health every second for 6 seconds (unless you attack before the Super’s duration ends, which is not recommended with this Star Power). This power is preferable over Smoke Trails in-game modes like Gem Grab, Showdown, and Siege, where Leon might need to collect power-ups or objectives while staying invisible and healing if detected. Invisiheal also allows you to dodge meteors or other potentially deadly threats in Showdown. When using Leon’s Invisiheal Star Power, try activating his Super right before an engagement. Waiting to attack once nearby using your Super while the enemy unloads their shots and while you heal for 1000 health per second gives Leon the ammo and health advantage to win more battles in close quarters.
  • Leon’s Clone Projector Gadget can be helpful in some situations, i.e., against a Shelly or Colt with their Super. They’ll probably fire their Super at the clone, effectively wasting it. Don’t try this when on low health because your clone replicates the amount of health you have, and the fact that it’s charging at a person gives it away. A strategy you can do with it is to go into a bush, pop your Gadget, and then turn invisible for an ambush to finish off low-health Brawlers who will probably waste their ammo on your clone. Leon’s Clone Projector can also chase the closest enemy even when inside a bush, letting Leon detect if the brushes have enemies. It can also be used as a meat shield to absorb damage from enemies with a non-piercing, bouncing, or splitting attack.
  • If you ever use Leon’s Super out in the open, use it while walking one way and immediately turn around and sneak up from another side. This power makes it less predictable where you’ll come from.
  • Leon’s Lollipop Drop Gadget can provide value in 3v3 Events. Its invisibility range allows you and your teammates to walk across otherwise separated bushes, and placing it behind walls will make it harder for most enemy Brawlers to destroy it.
  • Don’t waste Leon’s Super, as it’s most important to him since he can quickly achieve kills with it. For example, if you’re in low health and there is a high-burst damage Brawler near you, don’t use his Super even if you have his Invisiheal Star Power, as that Brawler will defeat you anyway. However, if the scenario is in Showdown, use your Super to escape and either one of the Gadgets as a meat shield (since they’re both spawnable).

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