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About¬†Lola¬†:¬†Lola is a Chromatic Brawler who has moderate health and consistent damage output. For her attack, Lola attacks by firing six jewels at a long-range.She’s going to be the Brawl Pass brawler for this upcoming season, and she’s a Brawlywood star, totally obsessed with herself and going out of her way to always be the center of attention.

Despite being just a tour guide, Lola swears she is the greatest actress in Brawlywood. She wears a scarf to attack and materializes her entire diva ego into Super.

Lola, satu-satunya Brawler yang mencintai dirinya sendiri lebih daripada Colette mencintai Brawlers

Tips for using Lola


  • With Lola’s Super Ability, she can attack a casting brawler that is behind a wall like Tick, Barley, or Sprout, or it can be used to finish off an enemy hiding behind a wall.
  • Lola can control multiple paths on the map with her clone if played correctly. This allows her to control multiple zones in the Strategic Zone.
  • It may be more advantageous to keep Lola out of ammo when she doesn’t need to heal when she has her “Improvisation” Star Power, thus maximizing her burst damage.

Skins for Lola

Default Lola

Rebel Lola


Default Lola Skin


Rebel Lola Skin
(Brawl Pass 9th Season)


Intergalactic Villain Lola Skin
(79 Gems)


SilverLola Skin
(10,000 Gold)


Golden Lola Skin
(25,000 Gold)



Level Health
1      3800
2      3990
3      4180
4      4370
5      4560
6      4750
7      4940
8      5130
9      5320
10    5510
11    5700



Range : 8.67 (Long)
Reload : 1.5 seconds (Normal)
Projectiles per attack : 6
Super charge per hit : : 6.73%
Projectile speed : 4000

Level                 Damage per jewel
1   260
2   273
3   286
4   299
5   312
6   325
7   338
8   351
9   364
10 377
11 390



Range : 4.33 (Clone)
Super Charge Per Hit : 8.37%
Movement Speed : 720 (Normal)

Level      Clone Health
1   2000
2   2100
3   2200
4   2300
5   2400
6   2500
7   2600
8   2700
9   2800
10 2900
11 3000


Part guide and part actress and complete diva, Lola is THE leading lady of Brawlywood. She attacks with her scarf, and her super is a channeled manifestation of her Ego.

 Attack: Diamond Eyes

Lola’s favorite accessory is also her favorite weapon! It shoots from the eyes in short bursts and with plenty of panache.

Lola fires 6 jewels from her fox at a long-range with a slight spread. Her attack deals a lot of damage if all of its projectiles hit, but Lola has a noticeably long unload time.

 Super: Megalomaniac

Lola releases the Ego that mimics her every move. It will deal minor damage if it’s too close to Lola.

Lola’s Super summons her Ego, which both moves and attacks in the same direction as Lola at the same time. Her Ego deals the same amount of damage and has an identical attack range as Lola, but it charges Lola’s Super half quickly. A¬†3.33-tile¬†radius glows around Lola while her Ego is on the battlefield; if her Ego enters the radius, it deals¬†50%¬†less damage. Since it is spawnable, Lola’s Ego cannot pick up items such as the Gems in Gem Grab or give its team points in Hot Zone. If Lola runs into a wall, but the movement joystick is still aimed, the Ego will continue to move in that direction, and vice versa. Her Ego is slightly slower than Lola herself, too.

Star Powers


When down to her last round, Lola deals an extra 30% damage.

Each projectile from her next attack will deal 30% more damage whenever Lola has only one full ammo.

Sealed With a Kiss

Projectiles from Lola’s Ego heal allies caught in its path by 100 health.

The projectiles of Lola’s Ego can heal allies for 100 health per projectile. The projectiles pierce through allies and can still damage enemies.


Freeze Frame

Lola releases the Ego that mimics her every move. It will deal minor damage if it’s too close to Lola.

When Lola uses this Gadget, her Ego will become immobile for 4 seconds, but it will receive a shield that reduces all damage it takes by 75% for the same duration. The Ego can still attack.

 Stunt Double

Lola and her Ego switch locations and recover 350 health.

When Lola uses this Gadget, she instantly teleports to her Ego’s location, and her Ego teleports to her location, while they both heal¬†350¬†health. Lola must be within¬†12¬†tiles of her Ego to activate this Gadget, and she retains any status effects while teleporting.

How to get Lola?

This chromatic rarity brawler can be unlocked with the 9th season at level 30. For players who buy the Brawl Pass, it will be guaranteed to be unlocked, and those who do not acquire the pass will be able to unlock it from level 30 with luck to find it in Brawl Mega Crates and Big Crates.

It’s relatively difficult to get the free brawler in the crates, but not impossible, so good luck!


Balance Changes

  • On November 17, 2021, Main Attack Damage was reduced from 280 to 260. And Health Points were also reduced from 4,000 to 3,800.
  • After the Balancing on 12/16/2021, if Lola’s clone is used alongside her it will only deal 50% damage.

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