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About¬†Lou¬†:¬†Lou is a Chromatic Brawler that could be unlocked as a Brawl Pass reward at Tier 30 from Season 4: Holiday Getaway or unlocked from Brawl Boxes after reaching Tier 30 in the Season 4 Brawl Pass. Lou has moderate health and damage and has immense utility in both his attack and Super. Lou attacks by throwing snow cones at enemies, which applies Frost that fills their Frost meter, and if an enemy’s Frost meter is filled, they’ll be stunned.¬†

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Level Health
1      3200
2      3360
3      3520
4      3680
5      3840
6      4000
7      4160
8      4320
9      4480
10    4640
11    4800

Lou in brawl stars



Range : 9.33 (Very Long)
Reload : 1.3 Seconds (Very Fast)
Projectiles Per Attack : 3
Super Charge Per Hit : 15.73%
Projectile Speed : 4000
Attack Width : 0.33

Level                         Damage per snow cone
1   440
2   462
3   484
4   506
5   528
6   550
7   572
8   594
9   616
10 638
11 660



Range : 7.67 (Long)
Duration : 10 Seconds
Projectile Speed : 1739
Syrup Range : 3.67
Movement Speed : 720 (Normal)
Super Charge Per Hit : 1%

Level                          Damage per second
1   40
2   42
3   44
4   46
5   48
6   50
7   52
8   54
9   56
10 58
11 60


Lou is a cool guy, literally! He can dole out all kinds of chill stuff. But watch your step on the ice, and be careful not to get brain freeze!

 Attack: Brain Freeze

Barraging opponents with snow cones, Lou can eventually freeze them in place for 1.5 seconds.

Lou fires¬†3¬†long-ranged snow cones in a straight line in quick succession. They deal low damage but moderate damage when all three snow cones hit. After hitting any opposing enemy with even just one snow cone, a Frost meter appears to the left of the enemy’s name, or if not a Brawler, to the left of the health bar. Each snow cone applies the same Frost percentage as his Supercharge rate,¬†15.73%, with¬†7¬†snow cones needed to fill the meter. After the Frost meter is filled up, the enemy freezes in place for¬†1.5¬†seconds. If Frost isn’t applied for¬†2¬†seconds, the Frost meter depletes by¬†5.%¬†every second. Frost can stack with multiple Lous. This attack takes¬†0.45¬†seconds to complete.

 Super: Can-Do

Lou lobs a can of cold syrup that creates an icy, slippery area on the ground. Very tough for his opponents’ fancy footwork!

Lou lobs snow cone syrup over obstacles creating an icy, slippery area on the ground. Any enemy who changes direction while moving on it will have difficulty maneuvering or escaping. The syrup doesn’t affect Lou or allies. The slippery area also deals minimal amounts of damage every second to enemies inside it, preventing healing. 

Star Powers


Opponents lose up to¬†75%¬†of their reload speed based on how frozen they are from Lou’s attacks.

Enemies lose 5% of their reload speed for every tick of Frost up to 75%. This maxes at 75% Frost or roughly 5 snow cones.


Opponents standing on Lou’s Super area gradually freeze, like from his Brain Freeze attack.

Lou’s Super now gradually applies¬†14%¬†Frost every second onto enemies. This effect stacks with his regular attack, so Lou attacks an enemy standing in the ice gets frozen quickly.


Ice Block

Lou shields himself with ice, becoming invulnerable for 1.0 seconds.

Lou becomes completely immobile but impervious to all damage for 1.0 second aside from knockbacks, pulls, and stuns.

 Cryo Syrup

Instantly adds¬†50%¬†freeze meter to opponents insides Lou’s Super.

If there are enemies inside Lou’s Super area-of-effect, their Frost meters will be filled by 50%  upon activation. This Gadget affects enemies in multiple Super areas-of-effect for each Super the enemy is in.

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