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About Max : Max is a Mythic Brawler with moderate health, a moderate damage output, and fast movement speed. Max rapidly fires 4 long-ranged projectiles for her attack in a slight spread. 

Skins for Max

Default Max
Cony Max
Gt Max
Streetwear Max
Hermes Max


1     3200
2     3360
3     3520
4     3680
5     3840
6     4000
7     4160
8     4320
9     4480
10   4640
11   4800


Range : 8.33 (Long)
Reload : 1.2 Seconds (Very Fast)
Super Charge Per Hit : 7.88%
Attack Spread : 15¬į
Projectile Speed : 4000
Attack Width : 0.33
Projectiles Per attack : 4


Level                      Damage Per Projectile
1  340
2  357
3  374
4  391
5  408
6  425
7  442
8  459
9  476


Movement Speed : 820 (Very Fast)
1120 (With Super)
Range : 4
Duration : 4 Seconds


Max goes fast! Her attack is a fast-firing blaster. Her Super speeds up her and allies!

 Attack: Faster Blaster

Max’s blaster shoots a bunch of projectiles fast! It holds a lot of rounds, and Max is quick with the reload.

Max fires 4 staggered, long-ranged projectiles from her blaster with a slight spread quickly. She uniquely has four ammo slots, and her ammo reloads quickly. The attack has a short cooldown, taking 0.55 seconds to complete.

¬†Super: Let’s Go!

Max momentarily boosts up her movement speed and that of nearby allies. Gotta go fast!

Max drinks some energy drink from a bottle and creates an area-of-effect around her that lasts for 1 second and increases the movement speed of her and teammates inside the area-of-effect by 300 points for 4 seconds. Her teammates retain the movement speed boost even after leaving the radius.

Star Powers

Run n’ Gun

Max reloads faster while moving.

Max’s attack reloads slightly faster than usual while moving. This is affected by Max’s movement speed; she reloads faster if she has a movement speed boost (like her Super) than if she doesn’t, similarly to her Super Charged Star Power. Her reload speed is approximately¬†15.56%¬†faster when moving at average speed.

Super Charged

Max now charges her Super while moving.

Max’s Super automatically recharges while moving, similar to Darryl and Edgar. Her Super stops charging when she’s not moving. If she is continuously moving, it takes around¬†68¬†seconds to charge up a Super fully; speed boosts to increase the Supercharge rate and therefore decreases the time needed to charge a Super.


 Phase Shifter

Max dashes forward and becomes immune to all damage from enemies while dashing.

Max dashes¬†3.33¬†tiles in the direction she faces, gaining an immunity shield while dashing. However, she cannot dash through walls or water, and the dash will be interrupted if she dashes into any of them. Status effects stun, and knockbacks can still be applied during the dash, and she still retains any pre-existing status effects afterward. This doesn’t affect her Super Charged Star Power’s Supercharging speed.

 Sneaky Sneakers

Max blinks back to a place of her choosing after 3.0 seconds delay, recovering any damage she received in the meantime.

Upon activation, Max places a thunderbolt icon at her current location and gains a Gadget symbol above her head and a bar that counts down to 3 seconds. After those 3 seconds, she teleports back to the icon with her health at activation time. Would retain the status effects, such as Crow or Byron’s poison, if she had any status effects. However, if she is defeated before she teleports, her Gadget charge is consumed, but she won’t teleport.

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