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About Meg : Meg is a Legendary Brawler who has a fast movement speed in her base form and a very long-ranged attack in both forms.

Skins for Meg

Default Meg
Beetle Meg

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1     2200
2     2310
3     2420
4     2530
5     2640
6     2750
7     2860
8     2970
9     3080
10   3190
11   3300


Range : 9 (Long)
Reload : 1.3 Seconds (Fast)
1.5 Seconds (Mecha; Normal)
Projectiles Per Attack : 2      8 (Mecha)
Super Charge Per Hit : 12.5%
0% (Mecha)
Projectile Speed : 4000      4500 (Mecha)
Attack Width : 1      2 (Mecha)

Level                        Damage per bolt             Mecha damage per bolt
1  300240
2  315252
3  330264
4  345276
5  360288
6  375300
7  390312
8  405324
9  420336


Movement Speed : 770 (Fast)
720 (Mecha; Normal)
Range : 4.33 (Mecha)
Super Spread : 150¬į

Level               Mecha       Health         Mecha Super Damage
1  50002400
2  52502520
3  55002640
4  57502760
5  60002880
6  62503000
7  65003120
8  67503240
9  70003360



Meg has a basic form and an advanced form where she hops inside her trusted Mecha. The Mecha loses health over time and has low healing ability. Destroying the Mecha returns Meg to her basic form.

 Attack:  Basic: Target Acquired

Meg fires a short burst from her blaster that pokes at her enemies’ patience.

Meg fires two long-ranged bolts in quick succession that deal low damage to enemies. This attack takes 0.35 seconds to complete.

Advanced: Crowd Control

An intense barrage of bullets leaves nothing to chance. It’s the fastest way to make crowds disperse!

Meg’s Mecha fires¬†8¬†bolts arranged in two staggered, parallel streams. The attack is wide enough to be fired between¬†1-tile-wide¬†obstacles, but it does not charge its Super. This attack has a slow upload speed, taking¬†0.95¬†seconds to complete.

 Super:   Basic: Mecha Machina

Meg jumps into her Mecha for some colossal carnage!

Meg’s Super creates a Mecha after a¬†1-second¬†delay. The Mecha has its health and modifies Meg’s attack and Super. However, Meg’s movement speed, reload speed, and range is reduced while controlling it. The Mecha’s health decays by¬†2%¬†of its maximum health per second. Once Mecha’s health reaches¬†0, Meg will return with¬†1¬†ammo and have the same health as she did during this Super’s activation. Meg can cancel meg’s Super transformation if she is taken out or knocked back, and the Mecha heals¬†80%¬†less from any outside healing source. Meg is unable to attack or move during the¬†1-second¬†delay.

Advanced: Feel the Steel

The Mecha swings a formidable forearm that enemies will see and feel. 

The Mecha’s Super is a secondary attack that is a comprehensive, piercing swing that deals tremendous damage after a¬†0.55-second¬†delay, similar to Bibi’s attack. It automatically charges itself after¬†5¬†seconds, but it cannot recharge itself from damaging enemies. If her Mecha is taken out while its Super is charged, Meg won’t have its Super when she transforms back.


Star Powers

Force Field

Meg is protected by a 35% shield for 30 seconds when her Mecha is destroyed.

This Star Power grants Meg a 35% shield for 30 seconds after her Mecha is taken out. The shield duration is cut short if Meg uses her Super again.

Heavy Metal

Upon expiring, the Mecha suit explodes, dealing 1500 damage to nearby opponents and pushing them away.

After Meg’s Mecha is destroyed, it explodes in a¬†2.67-tile¬†radius, dealing¬†1500¬†damage to nearby enemies and knocking them back up to¬†3¬†tiles.


Jolting Volts

Heal the Mecha by 450 health per second for 5 seconds.

This Gadget heals Meg’s Mecha for 450 health over 5 seconds for 2250 health. Meg cannot activate this Gadget if her Mecha is not active. This Gadget will not prevent her Mecha from decaying health.

Meg's Pets

Move speed2.40 tiles per sec.
Hit points5000
Collision radius145%
Range4.00 tiles
Self damage per second20

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