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About Nani : Nani is an Epic Brawler who has low health but can deal heavy damage from a long-range. She attacks by firing three light orbs in a diamond formation. 

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Level Health
1      2600
2      2730
3      2860
4      2990
5      3120
6      3250
7      3380
8      3510
9      3640
10    3770
11    3900



Range : 8.67 (Long)
Reload : 1.8 Seconds (Normal)
Projectiles Per Attack : 3
Super Charge Per Hit : 17.5%
Attack Spread : 50¬į
Projectile Speed : 4000
Attack Width : 0.27

Level          Damage Per Orb
1 700
2 735
3 770
4 805
5 840
6 875
7 910
8 945
9 980
10 1015
11 1050



Movement Speed : 720 (Normal)
Range : 3.33
Duration : 10 Seconds
Super Charge Per Hit : 22.5%
Projectile Speed : 2500
Super Width : 1

Level Damage
1    1800
2    1890
3    1980
4    2070
5    2160
6    2250
7    2340
8    2430
9    2520
10  2610
11  2700


Nani loves her friends and looks over them with a watchful lens. She handles threats with angled shots, and her Super allows Nani to commandeer her pal Peep, who goes out with a bang!

 Attack: Trigger-Nometry

Nani shoots 3 light orbs that move at different angles and converge towards aimed targets.

When Nani attacks, she fires¬†3¬†small light orbs, one that travels in a straight line and two side projectiles that split up from the center. The projectiles converge at the end of her range, forming a diamond-shaped path and dealing extreme damage if all orbs hit a single enemy. She can control the distance the balls will travel before colliding by dragging the attack joystick further out. If any sphere doesn’t hit a target at the end of its range, they continue on its path for an additional¬†3¬†tiles, effectively increasing Nani’s attack range. Nani’s attack has a cooldown of 0.5¬†seconds.

 Super: Manual Override

Nani takes control of Peep and can steer him remotely into enemies, exploding on contact!

When Peep is launched, Nani’s movement joystick controls him instead. Nani is immobile while Peep is active. Peep explodes when touching an enemy or a wall and deals massive amounts of damage while destroying nearby obstacles and knocking back enemies in a small radius. Peep acts as a projectile, not a spawnable, which means Peep is not a target of damaging abilities and can travel through lakes and rope fences. In addition, Peep explodes after 10 seconds if he doesn’t reach an enemy or wall. Peep gradually accelerates in speed and becomes harder to maneuver. If Nani is stunned, defeated, knocked back, or pulled while her Super is active, Peep completely disappears and doesn’t explode.

Star Powers


Peep deals up to 1600extra damage based on his travel distance.

Whenever Peep is active, Nani will get a shield that reduces all incoming damage by 80%. Nani loses her protection when Peep is destroyed. This Star Power does not affect Supercharge from enemies.

Tempered Steel

Nani takes 80% less damage while her Super is active.

When Penny’s cannonballs land, they create a burning effect on the ground for 3¬†seconds, similar to Barley’s main attack. If the enemy is in the burning area, they’ll take 400¬†damage per second for 1200¬†damage. The burning damage can stack. This Star Power affects the cannonballs shot by her Captain’s Compass Gadget.


Warp Blast

Nani detonates Peep and teleports to his last location.

This Gadget teleports Nani to Peep’s current location, destroying Peep. Peep doesn’t deal damage when detonated and instead disappears. Nani retains any status effect applied before teleporting.

Return to Sender

For the next 5 seconds, the first time Nani takes damage from an enemy, 80% of the damage is returned to the enemy.

When activated, Nani will gain a special shield around her that lasts for 5¬†seconds. The next time she takes damage, she only receives 20%¬†of that damage, while 80%¬†of the damage is deflected back to the enemy in a noticeable projectile. However, jumps can dodge this projectile. This effect only applies to one shot (i.e., Return to Sender only converts one projectile’s damage from Shelly’s Super or Colt’s attack). It does not apply to damage not dealt by entities (like the poison clouds in Showdown). This Gadget calculates the damage absorbed and returned after considering Belle’s Super and Nani’s Tempered Steel Star Power.

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