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Otis– Wiki, Info, Skins and Attacks

Brawl Stars New Brawler Animation Otis is here Hi bro !!! … Wiki, Info, Skins and Attacks in the game… Check it out here!

About Otis : Otis is a mysterious creature that lives deep in Starr Park and expresses himself with his street art on any wall! He is a chromatic rarity brawler, so that he will be released with the next season of Brawl Pass at tier 30.


A new update is finally coming to Brawl Stars! And this time, the theme will be underwater, with several skins in the style, a new brawler, another game mode and many changes. Come check out all the details here in this post!

NEW Brawler Otis

Otis is a mysterious creature that lives deep in Starr Park and expresses himself with his street art on any wall! He is a chromatic rarity brawler, so that he will be released with the next season of Brawl Pass at tier 30.

  • Attack: He attacks 4 paintballs with his hose-arm in a straight line and which scatters slightly towards the target.
  • Super: When using his super, he throws his starfish friend “Cil” to get stuck in the opponent’s face and prevent them from attacking, using accessories or activating the ability (super).

And like every Brawl Pass brawler, Otis will also be released alongside a “Faraotis” secondary skin.

Otis is a mysterious creature that live in the depths of the Starr Park,and he loves to paint the walls and shoofs paint balls!


Otis– Brawler release date?​

Brawl Pass Season 13 is here: DeepSea Brawl. Season 13 has arrived in Brawl, bringing a new Chromatic Brawler called Otis, several skins, a new environment, and many new features.


Skins for Otis

Default Otis


Faraotis Skin



Otis is a street performer who likes to enjoy the depths with Cil, his starfish friend. Together they create graffiti all over Starr Park.

   Attack : Inky Art

Otis squirted a blast of paint from his spray gun.

When attacking, the brawler uses a hose to spray paint at opponents and deal damage.

  Super : Silent Seabed

Otis throws Cil, who clings to the first.

His super consists of throwing a starfish, which is his friend “Cil”, at his opponent. With that, the brawler that is hit can’t attack, use accessories or abilities for a while, just move.

Star Powers

poder-de-estrela-otis-brawl-stars-braco-forte-star-power-stencil-glue Stencil Glue

Cil squeezes the enemy with all his strength, avoiding attacks for an additional 33% of the time.

Using this power, the starfish Sil will stick to the opponent longer, causing more effect.

poder-de-estrela-otis-brawl-stars-recarga-de-tinta-star-power-ink-refills Ink Refills

Otis shoots 33% more ink.

With this Star Power, the Otis caster will gain the ability to cast 33% more ink.



 Dormant Star

The next time it’s used, Cil will go dormant on the ground if it doesn’t hit any enemies. It waits until an enemy approaches.

By activating this accessory, your super starfish can be placed on the ground, so an opponent can fall into it and be unable to attack for a while.

acessorio-otis-brawl-stars-bomba-de-tinta-gadget-phat-splatter Phat Splatter

Otis’ next attack launches a giant ball of paint, which leaves a puddle. The puddle deals 810 damage over 3.8 seconds.

With this accessory, your caster’s next attack throws a large ball of paint, which will leave a puddle on the ground, and if any opponent passes through it, they will take damage over time.

How to get Otis?

Otis is a Destroyer-type and Chromatic rarity character. This brawler can be unlocked with the 13th season at level 30. For players who buy the Brawl Pass, it will be guaranteed to be unlocked, and for those who do not acquire the pass, they will be able to unlock it from level 30 with luck to find it in Brawl Crates, Mega Crates, and Big Crates.

It’s relatively difficult to get the brawler for free in the boxes, but not impossible, good luck!


Balance Changes

None so far…


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