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Super Rare

About Penny Penny is a Super Rare Brawler with moderate health and variable damage output but a slow reload speed. Penny’s attack fires a long-ranged pouch of gold that deals splash damage when it hits a target. 

Skins for Penny

Default Penny
Bunny Penny
Smuggler Penny
Dark Bunny Penny
Lil Helper Penny


1     3400
2     3570
3     3740
4     3910
5     4080
6     4250
7     4420
8     4590
9     4760
10   4930
11   5100


Range : 9 (Long)
Reload : 2 seconds (Slow)
Super charge per hit : 21.855%
Projectile speed : 3000        2500 (pouch)
Attack width : 1       0.67 (pouch)

Level Damage
1  940
2  987
3    1034
4    1081
5    1128
6    1175
7    1222
8    1269
9    1316
10  1363
11  1410


Movement speed : 720 (Normal)
Range : 5
Super Charge Per Hit : 30%
Projectile Apeed : 1196 750 (Cannonball)
Cannon Range : 13.33
Cannon Reload : 2.5 Seconds

LevelHealth   Damage
1  28001200
2  29401260
3  30801320
4  32201380
5  33601440
6  35001500
7  36401560
8  37801620
9  39201680


Penny shoots bags of coins, damaging the target and anyone standing behind. Her Super is a mortar-style cannon turret!

 Attack: Plunderbuss

Shoots out a pouch of fool’s gold. If the pouch hits an enemy, it bursts and coins pepper targets behind the first enemy.

Penny’s main attack shoots a medium-sized pouch of gold. If it hits an opposing target, it sprays three other clumps of golden coins behind the target in a cone formation that travels for 4 tiles, piercing opponents and dealing the same damage as the pouch for each chunk of gold. With this, she can deal double or triple the crack of her attack if she’s attacking multiple targets. However, the pouch itself deals relatively low damage and has a slow upload speed.

 Super: Old Lobber

Penny sets up her cannon! It can shoot at enemies at a long range, even if they are behind cover.

Penny’s Super deploys a cannon with a high damage output but low health. This turret can be thrown anywhere over obstacles a short distance from Penny. The turret is stationary and fires cannonballs that deal high area damage to enemies. The cannon’s range is extensive; however, it has a relatively slow firing speed, and the cannonballs have a slow travel speed, which makes them easy to dodge. Unlike many lobbed attacks, the travel time of the cannonballs doesn’t decrease the closer the target is to the cannon.

Star Powers

Last Blast

When Penny’s Cannon is destroyed, it shoots out one last barrage of¬†4¬†bombs targeting nearby enemies, each dealing 1680¬†damage.

When the cannon is destroyed or replaced by another gun, it fires 4 cannonballs, each dealing 1680 damage to the enemy that kills the cannon and other enemies in range. Her Pocket Detonator Gadget can trigger this Star Power.

Balls of Fire

Cannonballs from Penny’s turret set the ground on fire for 3¬†seconds. Enemies in the burning area take¬†400¬†damage per second!

When Penny’s cannonballs land, they create a burning effect on the ground for 3¬†seconds, similar to Barley’s main attack. If the enemy is in the burning area, they’ll take 400¬†damage per second for 1200¬†damage. The burning damage can stack. This Star Power affects the cannonballs shot by her Captain’s Compass Gadget.


Pocket Detonator

Penny blows her cannon! The explosion destroys walls and deals 1500 damage to nearby enemies.

Upon activation, her cannon blows up, damaging and knocking enemies near it back in a 2.67 tile radius and destroying nearby obstacles. Penny can only use the Gadget if an active cannon is within 12 tiles of her current location. This Gadget can trigger her Last Blast Star Power.

Captain’s Compass

Penny calls an artillery strike from her Cannon to her current location.

Upon activation, Penny’s cannon shoots out a barrage of 5¬†cannonballs to her location. The strike is X-shaped, with the center cannonball striking last. The Gadget can only be used if there is an active cannon within 12¬†tiles of where she is standing. This Gadget stops early if Penny is defeated before one cannonball is fired, and the cannonballs from this Gadget are affected by her Balls of Fire Star Power.

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