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About Poco Poco is a Rare Brawler with moderately high health and can provide immense healing to his teammates but external damage. For his attack, Poco plays his guitarron, sending damaging musical notes within a widespread range.

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Level Health
1      4000
2      4200
3      4400
4      4600
5      4800
6      5000
7      5200
8      5400
9      5600
10    5800
11    6000



Range : 7 (Long)
Reload : 1.6 Seconds (Normal)
Super Charge Per Hit : 21%
Attack Spread : 65¬į
Projectile Speed : 2500
Attack Width : 1

Level Damage
10 1015
11 1050



Movement Speed : 720 (Normal)
Range : 9.33 (Very Long)
Super spread : 65¬į
Projectile speed : 5000
Super width : 2.67

Level Heal
1         2100
2         2205
3         2310
4         2415
5         2520
6         2625
7         2730
8         2835
9         2940
10       3045
11       3150


Poco fires damaging sound waves at enemies. His Super can heal both Poco himself and his teammates!

 Attack: Power Chord

Poco strums his guitarrón, sending forward bone-jarring sound waves. Enemies hit by the waves take damage.

Poco releases a wave from his guitarrón that takes the appearance of musical notes. The attack spreads out drastically as it travels, allowing it to cover a vast area and pierce multiple enemies caught in it, but it deals very little damage.

 Super: Encore

Poco heals himself and all friends he can reach with his uplifting melody. Does not affect enemies.

When his Super is used, he shoots a more significant musical wave from his guitarr√≥n that heals him, and any allies hit a very high amount by the tide. The lock is much broader and more prolonged than his attack but has the same cone shape. This Gadget can travel through any Brawler or obstacle. Poco’s Super will appear green regardless of their team. Poco’s Super can’t heal minions summoned by allies (e.g., Mr. P’s porters or Nita’s bear).

Star Powers

Da Capo!

When Poco’s attack hits friendly Brawlers they now heal for 700 health.

This power allows Poco’s main attack to heal allied Brawlers. It hits for 700 health, in addition to damaging enemies. The attack’s healing isn’t affected by Power Cubes.

Screeching Solo

Poco’s Super now also hits enemies, dealing 1000 damage.

Poco’s Super will deal 1000 damage to enemy Brawlers in range and heal allies. Note that auto-aiming your Super still aims it towards allies instead of enemies.


Tuning Fork

Poco and all nearby allies heal 400 health per second for 5 seconds.

Poco releases a musical wave in a 3.33 tile radius around him. Poco and allies that stand within that radius are healed 400 health per second even after they leave that radius. If the effect lasts for 5 seconds, Poco and his teammates recover a total of 2000 health from this Gadget without any healing buffs or debuffs.

Protective Tunes

Removes active adverse effects from friendly brawlers in a large area and gives a 2 second immunity.

Poco cleanses all allies in a 6-tile¬†radius. This Gadget removes poisons, burns, stuns, and slows Lou’s Frost and Belle’s Electro-Bolts. It doesn’t protect Brawlers from knockbacks and El Primo’s Suplex Supplement Gadget. After Brawlers are cleansed, they will be immune to these effects for¬†2¬†seconds.

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