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About Rosa Rosa is a Rare Brawler with high health and high damage output. Her attack is a flurry of three short-ranged punches from her boxing gloves. 

Skins for Rosa

Default Rosa
O Ween Rosa
Major Rosa
Mantis Rosa
Coco Rosa


1     5400
2     5670
3     5940
4     6210
5     6480
6     6750
7     7020
8     7290
9     7560
10   7830
11   8100


Range : 3.67 (Short)
Reload : 1 Second (Very Fast)
Projectiles Per Attack : 3
Super Charge Per Hit : 11.155%
Attack Spread : 65°
Projectile Speed : 5000
Attack Width : 1

Level                   Damage Per Punch
1   460
2   483
3   506
4   529
5   552
6   575
7   598
8   621
9   644
10 667
11 690


Movement Speed : 770 (Fast)
Duration : 3 Seconds



This boxing botanist will plant her feet and go toe to toe! Her Super gives her tough, vegan protective gear.

 Attack: Hands of Stone

Rosa throws a flurry of powerful punches with perfect technique!

Rosa throws a flurry of three short-ranged, piercing punches in a wide arc, dealing moderately significant damage. Since she has a short range, Rosa must maintain a close range of her targets to damage them. The attack takes 1.05 seconds to complete, slightly hindering her ability to deal immediate damage.

 Super: Strong Stuff

Rosa gets a second skin of tough vine for 3 seconds, decreasing all damage received by 70% for the duration.

Upon activation, Rosa gains a shield that reduces all damage she takes by 70% for 3 seconds and an altered appearance.

Star Powers

Plant Life

Rosa recovers 200 health per second when inside a bush.

Rosa heals 200 health for every second she’s inside a bush.

Thorny Gloves

Rosa’s punches gain +200 damage during her Super.

While Rosa’s Super is active, Rosa’s attack gains 220 extra damage per punch, giving a total of 600 more damage per attack.


Grow Light

Rosa fertilizes the ground around her and bushes instantly grow to provide great cover.

Upon activation, Rosa instantly grows a 3-by-3 section of green bushes where she is standing. These bushes stay indefinitely unless destroyed by any obstacle-destroying ability, the Supers of Sprout or Amber, after a goal is scored in Brawl Ball or after a round is over (in certain events). They can’t grow over obstacles or beneath the safe in Heist.

Unfriendly Bushes

All opponents hiding in bushes take 100 damage and get slowed down for 3 seconds.

When activated, all bushes briefly turn purple and enemies inside bushes immediately take 100 damage and slow for 3 seconds. Since the damage briefly reveals them, this Gadget is excellent for detecting enemies inside bushes.

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