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Trophy Road

About Shelly : Shelly is a Common Brawler that has moderate health and damage output. Her shotgun deals more damage closer to her target, making her excellent for short combat. Her attacks have a widespread as well. 

Skins for Shelly

Default Shelly
Witch Shelly
Star Shelly
Princess Shelly
Bandita Shelly
Psg Shelly
health-a (1)


1     3800
2     3990
3     4180
4     4370
5     4560
6     4750
7     4940
8     5130
9     5320
10   5510
11   5700


Range : 7.67(Long)  10 (With Clay Pigeons)
Reload : 1.5 Seconds (Normal)
Projectiles Per Attack : 5
Super Charge Per Hit : 10.05%
Attack Spread : 30°   10° (With Clay Pigeons)
Projectile Speed : 3100   4300 (With Clay Pigeons)

Level                Damage per shell
1   300
2   315
3   330
4   345
5   360
6   375
7   390
8   405
9   420
10 435
11 450


Range : 7.67 (Long)
Projectiles Per Super : 9
Super Charge Per Hit : 8.96%
Super Spread : 50°
Projectile Speed : 4130
Super Width : 0.33
Movement Speed : 720 (Normal)

Level                Damage per shell
1   320
2   336
3   352
4   368
5   384
6   400
7   416
8   432
9   448
10 464
11 480


Shelly has moderate health and damage output. Her shotgun deals more damage closer to her target, making her excellent for short combat. Her attacks have a widespread as well. Her Super can clear several obstacles and knock back enemy Brawlers, similarly dealing more damage at close range.

Attack: Buckshot

Shelly’s boomstick fires a wide spread of pellets to a medium range. The more pellets hit, the greater the damage.

Shelly fires a burst of shells that deal relatively low damage by themselves but deal a lot together. The attack is more effective at close range since more of the shells will hit the enemy, but her attack range is quite far. This allows Shelly to excel in close-quarters combat, especially against Brawlers with lower health and short-ranged attacks.

Super: Super Shell

Shelly’s Super Shell obliterates both cover and enemies. Any survivors get knocked back.

Shelly’s Super fires a damaging burst of shells which can not only destroy obstacles but also knock back enemy Brawlers. It is similar to her main attack in that the shells spread out and deal massive damage at close range.

Star Powers

Shelly's Star Power Shell Shock

Shell Shock

Shelly’s Super shells slow down enemies for 4.5 seconds!

Slows down enemies hit by Shelly’s Super Shell for 4.5 seconds.

Shelly's Star Power Band-Aid


When Shelly falls below 40% health, she instantly heals for 2000 health. Band-Aid recharges in 15 seconds.

Like Bibi’s Home Run bar, Shelly gains a bar, which takes 15 seconds to charge completely. If Shelly falls below 40% health, she instantly heals for 2000 , and the bar resets. However, if Shelly has over 40% health and gets defeated in one blow by a high-damage Brawler like Bull, her Star Power will not activate, and she will have to wait another 15 seconds to get Band-Aid back after respawning, regardless of if it was charged or not. The amount of health healed from Band-Aid is not affected by Showdown Power Cubes.


Shelly's Gadget Fast Forward

Fast Forward

Shelly dashes ahead, skipping a few unnecessary steps!

Shelly dashes 3.33 tiles in the direction she faces when she uses this Gadget. Dashing into walls or water will cut the dash short.

Shelly's Gadget Clay Pigeons

Clay Pigeons

On activation, for the next 5 seconds Shelly’s main attacks focus the fire to a smaller area with an increased range.

For the next 5 seconds, Shelly’s primary attacks will have their spread decreased by one-third, and their range increased to 10 tiles. A Gadget symbol will glow above Shelly’s head, signaling this Gadget’s usage, as well as a glowing attack joystick. This Gadget’s cooldown starts after the attack is shot.

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