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About Sprout : Sprout is a Mythic Brawler with moderately low health and moderate damage output but immense utility with its Super. It attacks by lobbing a seed bomb over obstacles that bounce on the ground and off walls. The bomb explodes in contact with enemies or dealing area damage after a brief period.

Skins for Sprout

Default Sprout
Ruby Prince Sprout
Tropical Sprout
Emerald Prince Sprout
Lunar Sprout
Corrupted Sprout


1     3000
2     3150
3     3300
4     3450
5     3600
6     3750
7     3900
8     4050
9     4200
10   4350
11   4500


Range : 5 (Normal)
Reload : 1.7 Seconds (Normal)
Super Charge Per Hit : 20.58%
Projectile Speed : 1700
Attack width : 1

1 980
2   1029
3   1078
4   1127
5   1176
6   1225
7   1274
8   1323
9   1372
10 1421
11 1470


Movement Speed : 720 (Normal)
Range : 7.67 (Long)
Projectile Speed : 1739


Sprout was built to plant life, launching bouncy Seed Bombs with reckless love. Its Super creates a plant-based obstacle!

 Attack: Seed Bomb

Sprout propels a ball of seeds that bounces around before bursting with a bang! If it makes contact with enemies, it explodes on impact.

Sprout lobs a ball of seeds over obstacles and enemies in its path that explodes upon contact with an enemy. If it doesn’t immediately hit an enemy, it will bounce for 3.33 tiles before exploding in 4-tile wide area. The bomb will also bounce off walls, which allows it to travel further. 

 Super: Hedge

Sprout uses its Super Seed to grow a thick vine hedge, creating an impassable though temporary obstacle.

Sprout throws its Super Seed above obstacles that create a hedge barrier. The barrier has a¬†3-by-3,¬†5-tile¬†cross pattern from the center of the seed and blocks enemies’ and allies’ paths. However, if walls are at least one tile away from where the hedge barrier planted the seed, the hedge will grow towards them and connect with the walls. As with any other wall, the hedge can be destroyed by wall-breaking abilities and do not hinder lobbed projectiles. These hedges can also be destroyed on contact by Brawlers with spawning invulnerability shields.

The hedges can last for a maximum of¬†10¬†seconds, and more than one hedge can be active on the arena at a time. If any entity is in the way of the hedges when spawned, they will be pushed out of the way, which also interrupts attacks or Supers (i.e., Frank’s attack) when the hedge lands. The hedges will also destroy any bushes it lands on.

Star Powers


Every 5 seconds, the next Seed Bomb will explode with a larger explosion radius.

Sprout gains a charge bar that takes¬†5¬†seconds to charge up entirely, and when charged, the next attack’s radius increases by¬†25%, increasing the explosion radius from¬†4¬†tiles to¬†5¬†tiles. After the attack is used, Sprout’s charge bar resets. Unlike most other charging bars, Sprout’s Overgrowth bar starts charging immediately after its last use. It does not require all three ammo to charge, similar to Byron‘s Injection Star Power’s charging bar mechanics.


Sprout activates a shield, partially protecting itself from all attacks inside a bush.

While in a bush, Sprout shields itself from all damage by 30%. After exiting the bush, the shield lasts for another 3 seconds.


 Garden Mulcher

Sprout consumes a bush to restore 1500 health.

Upon activation, if a bush is within 1 tile of Sprout, it gets destroyed to heal Sprout for 1500 health.


Sprout destroys its current Hedge but will instantly have its Super fully charged again.

Sprout instantly destroys its active hedges, but Sprout will have its Supercharged fully again.

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