New Brawler Otis, New Theme Style– June/2022 Brawl Talk


Brawler Otis, “Day of the Hunt” Mode, Club League Changes and more! – June/2022 Brawl Talk

A new update is finally coming to Brawl Stars! And this time the theme will be underwater, with several skins in the style, a new brawler, another game mode and many changes. Come check out all the details here in this post!

Also new is that the new environment of this update will be the “Underwater Paintball Arena”, which is home to the new Brawler, Otis.

June/2022 Update Brawl Talk

Watch Brawl Talk and see our roundup detailing everything from this update below!

Brawl Stars Brawl Talk - New Brawler Remodel and lots of improvements

Update’s new visuals

par défaut-leon-brawl-stars

  • Shark Tooth Colt (Brawl Pass)
  • Coral Belle
  • Octopus Fang (you can win in sweepstakes)
  • Postal Brock (Star League)
  • DJ 3.M.Z (Supercell Make by bouncyduck)

Visuals in partnership with LINE Friends and BTS


  • Edgar Tata
  • Ruffs Chimmy
  • Bibi RJ
  • Sandy Koya
  • Jacky Cooky
  • Bull Mang
  • Tick Shooky

NEW Brawler Otis​ Colt Shark Colt Shark Fang Octopus Brock Postman DJ 3

New game mode “Day of the Hunt”

A new game mode is being added, and anyone who likes Combat and Slayer will enjoy it! The “Day of Hunt” will be a game mode in a battle with 10 opponents, and that has the same rules as the extermination motorcycle, but this happens in combat maps.

Basically, the player who gets 10 eliminations wins. But in the meantime, if you get eliminated, you’re back in the game! And the ranking at the end of the match is determined by the amount of eliminations the player gets.

Club League changes + Club Quests

Playing Club League has been exhausting for many players for quite some time now, and as a way to address this, the development team is bringing in some changes, with a week off for everyone.

  • It will be a week of Club League and another week of club missions.
  • Club Quests take place every other week, and you will have one week to complete them.
  • These Club Quests are easier to complete and more casual than Club League.
  • The more club missions you complete, the more rewards for everyone.
  • Rewards adjustment is being made: Club League week rewards will be increased to compensate for lower quest week rewards.

Star League Brawlers Suggestion

The community asked, and Supercell responded. Now the Star League will also feature a “Suggest brawler” system.

With this, while on the brawler choice screen to play Star League, you will be able to see which brawlers your teammate has and can suggest a choice to adjust the team’s strategy better.

New event space: Mystery Mode

With the next update, we will also have a new space on the event selection screen. There you can find several maps with different modes and modifiers.

This will be Mystery Mode, which never reveals what’s to come… only when you’re already on the battlefield to know!

The mode won’t be available all the time, but the team has been revealed to have a number of ideas for doing events in it.

Brawler Penny Complete Remodel

It’s happening! Brawler Penny is finally getting a complete overhaul, including a revamped appearance and mechanics!


The brawler still retains its key traits, but its attack and super are at a slightly lower range and projectile speed has increased!

  • New accessory: She drops a barrel on the map and will deal splash damage with it
  • Your turret will also now indicate where the projectile will land
  • The “Firebombs” Star Power is being added to her kit: Whenever the cannon fires, it will leave flames in the area for a while

More details about her look will be shown soon!

Various Challenges in this update!

Some time ago, the team asked the community for ideas for new challenges, and the feedback was insane! So in this update, we will have several challenges scheduled.

  • Some challenges will appear several times throughout the year.
  • If you miss a challenge, you can try to play again at another time.

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